​10 tips for taking good pictures with your phone

​10 tips for taking good pictures with your phone

10 tips for taking good pictures with your phone

Mobile phones have become a very common shooting tool now, canvas prints so what kind of shooting skills do you have? Here's a look at how photographer messier demonstrates a good way to take pictures with your phone in person.

Take lots of pictures and don't worry about duds

In fact, when you see a great picture, I've actually taken 20 or 30 pictures of something that doesn't work. Don't let these unworthy duds scare you off. Photography is about trying, canvas picture prints trying to represent with different angles, lights, and textures and letting your imagination run free. It's important to keep a sharp eye and a fun mindset.

Explore and experiment with unusual themes

While it's convenient and fun to shoot regular subjects with your phone, you can try mixing them with other content, and with your phone in your pocket, the world is full of amazing images everywhere you go, waiting for you to capture them. Whether you're walking down the street, in the country, at a concert, or just cooking food, take out your phone every single time and you'll find there's just so much to photograph.

Consider the prospects and context

If your main focus is in the foreground, don't let other details in the background disturb the visual center. The background is also important in a photograph. It is too messy or distracting, and can damage the overall picture. Take some time, step back, look at the whole scene in the lens, and try moving around or shooting from other angles when something shouldn't be in the background.

Think about composition and framing

Often we use a unique composition as a way to draw attention to your photos, but you can also use natural methods to increase depth and dimension. For example, ubiquitous Windows can create excellent frames and provide a good sense of light. What's inside the window frames becomes the focus of attention, while everything outside is ignored and hidden. You can also use things that create multiple structures to mimic the effect of the scene. Mirrors, frames, and other facilities in the city can help you get unique photographs.

Doesn’t use zoom?

Unlike a typical camera, a Smartphone only has one lens, and its zoom function is analog digital, and its use often leads to poor photo quality or blurry images. My suggestion is that after the photo is taken, the camera should be tailored according to the desired zoom effect to ensure the quality of the picture.

10 tips for taking good pictures with your phone

About color and black and white

Whether you shoot in color or black and white, this is your own point of view and style. But you can think about what mood you want the picture to express or what emotions you want to evoke. You can always use filters and special effects, color contrast, etc, to find the best way to convey the story.

When you know your phone's camera

Your phone's camera has many potential features you don't know about, and there are many accessories and apps on the market that can help improve your photography experience. For example, the App has several shutter speed apps that let you speed up or slow down the shutter speed, and the results are amazing.

Being familiar with filters, light ratios, picture frames and textures, and knowing how to use assistive devices like focus, exposure control, and shutter speed, all of these things will be of great benefit to you. You only need more practice besides such simple study.

Know when to use filters

Filters are a great photographer companion. It can deepen the emotions of a photo and really help you communicate a valid message about the photo. The most important thing, however, should be to think about how to use them. Filters are becoming a more common tool, but not one that lets you have no plans or ideas for what the original picture looks like after some kind of filter. If it doesn't really bring you anything, don't use it.

Take a moment to think about light

Without the light, there would be no photos, and that's a fact. So every time you have a light shortage you need to search for a light source. That could also be an advantage for photos. Look for lights, colored lights, spotlights, and even moving light sources, such as car taillights. When you get the right light, don't immediately start taking pictures. Use these sources to illuminate the scene you're about to take.

You can also use the phone's built-in flash light, but it usually does more harm than good, the built-in flash is hard to control and often loses all color levels. Believe in yourself, find a constant light source, and accept the challenges that this environment presents.

Get inspired and keep it fun

Get inspired by going to an exhibition or browsing the web to collect your favorite photographers' work. Mix your thoughts and angles. Shoot from a high or low Angle, and from a hip Angle, acrylic prints australia take pictures of the person's head. Accept different points of view and take lots of pictures. You'll be surprised by some of the high spirits and photos taken during play, which are often very funny.

4th Sep 2018

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