​6 different shooting methods of the same scene

​6 different shooting methods of the same scene

To the famous scenic spot photography, canvas prints find yourself how to shoot with everyone crowded together? When you go home and organize your photos, do you think your photos are the same as a bunch of pictures you just googled on the Internet? Shooting hot spots, the work content of the repetition rate is inevitably high (edit: after all, shooting to shoot is the scene), want to make their own work different, the simplest method is the change of shooting perspective, whether to consider, with 6 different angles to shoot the same scene?

The innovation of perspective is an important topic in photography. The same thing photographed from different angles can often bring different feelings to readers. And want to cultivate the ability of this respect, might as well look for a saliva scenic spot to do practice, canvas prints australia see one can from how many different angles in the end to shoot the same scene. If you don't know where to start, you might as well refer to the following several scenic spots shooting Angle, perhaps you will have a new inspiration.

1. Standard and classic perspective, with rich pictures in the foreground

Equipped with a standard zoom lens, use the wide-angle end of the camera, hold the camera body horizontally (without tilting), move your feet to adjust the shooting distance, split canvas prints until the subject is fully in the picture and reaches the composition you want, then press the shutter. Pay attention to composition and use the foreground to enrich the picture.

2. Looking up at the Angle of view, wide Angle shooting a grand momentum

In the close-up scene shooting, wide-angle lens is used to shoot. Although sometimes the scene may be slightly distorted, the Angle of looking up from the bottom can better reflect the magnificent atmosphere of the scene, and can bring the surrounding scenery to the scene, making the picture tenser.

3. Sketch perspective, interpretation of aesthetic style of depth of field light and shadow

Look for a shooting object near the scene as the foreground, use the maximum aperture and the far end of the view, focus on the object in the foreground, so that the backscape produces a shallow depth of field effect, but not to see where it is, a little sketch style.

4. View from a distance and use golden section composition to deal with the location of scenic spots

When shooting a scenic spot, you don't have to go to that point to shoot, but you can find a place a little bit away from the scenic spot as the shooting point, take pictures of the surrounding scenery, use the golden section method for composition, and place the markers of a particular scenic spot on the intersection point with the best proportion. In this way, readers can understand the geographical location of the scenic spot and have a different view.

6 different shooting methods of the same scene

5. Zoom in and shoot from a distance

Shooting from a distance enables the subject to be more integrated with the surrounding scenery. In addition to the methods mentioned above, perspective can also be used for creation. It is best to use a telescopic lens to zoom in on the scene to frame the composition. If there is no telephoto lens, the telephoto lens can also be used, although the resolution of the image may be lower.

6. Panoramic view of the surrounding landscape

To get a long shot, panoramic canvas look for a further location and use a wide-angle lens. Such big view, can choose in the early morning or dusk such light is more changeful time point will shoot, let panoramic view more beautiful, ability is different!

19th Mar 2020

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