Capture great photo of animals

Capture great photo of animals

Many people buy cameras to take pictures of their pets at home. However, it is not so easy to take pictures of pets or animals. Generally, pets or animals kept by people are usually the ones that are lively and lively. They don't pay much attention to the camera and wait for you to press the shutter. To solve this problem, increase the shutter speed to freeze their action. However, sometimes I still find that the animals I photograph seem to be lacking a little spirit. I will tell my friends who like photographing ecology what points to grasp the spirit of animals.

1. Close-up images focus on eyes

The most effective way to capture animals is to focus on their most distinctive features. Using a telephoto lens to highlight and enlarge them makes the picture more attractive. At the same time, pay attention to the accurate focus of the eyes, to catch the sharp eye is the key to a good work, if the eyes also have the appropriate reflection of light is better.

2. Use anthropomorphic props

When shooting pets, the use of props will often make the picture show an anthropomorphic effect, people cannot help laughing, showing naughty, lovely naive nature. In addition, the use of pet like or very curious props, can also effectively mobilize its emotions, expression more vivid, natural.

3.Use light to accentuate contours and texture

Backlight and side backlight are often effective means to show the contour and texture. This kind of light makes most of the front of animals disappears in the shadow, which can highlight the contour features and give the works an implicit charm. In this light, it can also be better performance translucent wings, feathers texture.

Capture great photo of animals

4. Beautiful side shots

Side shots are a great way to get great pictures of animals. Set the shooting mode to shutter priority and use a shutter speed above 1/500s. At the same time, enable continuous shooting function and continuous focus, careful observation, patience and wait, can often capture the most vivid and beautiful moment posture.

5. Give your pet a companion

When shooting pets, arranging a companion for them can often bring a sense of humor to the picture. Their different expressions make the picture more interesting and vivid, making people can't help but smile.

6. Use a macro lens to depict details

Insects are often photographed in macro, showing details that are hard to see with the naked eye. This makes small insects full of vitality and vitality, and reveals their most touching details. With instant preview and zoom in, you can shoot more accurately.

7. Inject humanistic care into your photos

When shooting animals, it infuses emotion and humanistic care, and penetrates deep philosophical thoughts into the vivid pictures, which is easier to arouse the emotional resonance of the audience and enhance the appeal of the works.

29th Jun 2020

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