​Children's photographic color matching tips

​Children's photographic color matching tips

Children's photographic color matching tips

Photos taken by different people have different styles, canvas print and the color of the photos is one of the main elements of the photo style. I prefer colorful pictures, because I always think that the children's world should be colorful. So how do I deal with the color when I shoot?

Add color to the photo.

Everything starts with composition. If we want to be rich in color, photo on canvas should certainly look for elements with color in the shoot. We can:

1) Look for colored backgrounds.

Use green leaves as the background to highlight the subject.

Use a large aperture to atomize a colored background.

2) Choose colorful clothes for children.

Like the beach scene, because the color of the sea and the beach is thin, plus we are usually taken during the day, the sun in order to make the main body under heavy exposure would make the sky image correctly, to reduce the color of the sky. Therefore, children wearing colorful clothes can highlight the children's feelings.

3) Give children colorful objects.

If during the day, try to avoid the midday period of time (i.e., 12:00 ~ 14:00), because it was the top light, besides can make children have the outline of the shadow, because of the up and down the light contrast is too large to loss of detail, can make the color of the photos as stiff as a poker. Personally, I prefer to shoot children's photography with color matching with children's photography when the sun is not too violent after 4 PM. In addition, we also pay attention to the fierce sunlight not directly to the children.

Children's photographic color matching tips

The camera setting

1) Picture Control.

Regardless of NIKON and CANON system, there is also a Picture Control camera control system function, I would like to choose "bright", one of the default setting, because can make the picture color is rich, the picture is distinct, can highlight contrast effect and the outline of the body, suitable for highlighting the main color.

Children's photography USES color collocation.

2) White Balance.

The setting of White Balance is very important for the color of the photo. Although today's automatic white balance of SLR (AUTOWB) has good performance of children photography using color collocation children photography please keep this link! .But I like the manual setting, I can adjust to the color temperature I want.

A) For example, if I choose automatic white balance, I will have the following effect:

Children's photography USES color collocation.

But I want to express the warmth of the sunset, so I use the manual white balance to adjust to about 6000K color temperature, making the color of the photo warmer.

Children's photography USES color collocation.

B) Because the indoor light is too yellow, I will choose the cooler color temperature (about 3900~4200K) to make the photo feel more natural.

Children's photography USES color collocation.

Medium - high - order SLR can be used to teach color temperature (k) in white balance manual white balance. You can first take a photo with auto white balance, and if you find that the color of the photo is warm (or yellow), you can adjust the color temperature to 3000~4500K.

If you find the color of the photo is cold (or blue), you can adjust the color temperature to 5000~5500K. (These are just examples, different ambient light will teach different values)

If your camera can't teach white balance by hand, you can choose incandescent, fluorescent, direct sunlight, flash, cloudy, shadow and other Settings to change the color temperature. The most important thing is that you can use a different set of test shots, and when that setting gives you the desired effect, use that setting. Over time you will understand the election.

If the color is still unsatisfactory, we can use LIGHTROOM or PHOTOSHOP to enhance the color, which can improve the contrast of the photos, or adjust the curve to change the color of the photo.

Of course, it's not the best color photos, and some people take black and white pictures. But if we're shooting like this, we'll pay more attention to the details of the shoot, acrylic prints so we can start to know how we feel.

11th May 2018

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