Deal with the various situations in wedding photography

Deal with the various situations in wedding photography

For photographers, photography is undoubtedly a means to achieve creative ideas.

Due to the particularity of wedding photography, canvas prints wedding photographers are required to master all kinds of photography techniques flexibly and apply them reasonably, so as to deal with all kinds of situations in wedding photography freely and shoot wedding works with both artistic quality and sense of reality.

First, build the image on the light line

Light is undoubtedly an important factor affecting photographic works. The documentary wedding photographer must learn to observe the light, online canvas and under the limited environment consciously seeks the light, then controls and utilizes the light infinite change; this even can compare the light quality (or the intensity) to be able to control the final image the success or failure.

1. Light response in all kinds of weather

In sunny days, it is suggested that the light around 12 o 'clock should not be used for shooting outdoors, floating canvas frame because the light outside is hard and it is easy to leave stiff lines for the characters. People can be placed in the shadow of the shooting, if there are spots on the face of the character, the camera Angle can be adjusted; on overcast days, clouds are exposed to sunlight, forming a huge soft light source. This light is soft in tone and high in saturation, making the face soft but lacking in layers. If you have a rainy day, please don't be depressed, this is definitely a gift from god, we can take the reflection of the ground, the condensation of rain water, to create a little bit of feeling, also can use the slow door to create a silky feeling, but it is not recommended to move a wide range, can be fixed in a place out of the rain shooting.

2. Interlace the characters with light and dark

The light and shade of the character is actually realized by using the directional characteristics of light. Before shooting, pay attention to which areas are in the light and which areas are in the shadow, and adjust the position of the characters and shooting timely to create a picture with interwoven light and dark, displaced light and shadow and artistic charm.

3. Try to keep the person close to the light source when the light is not good

The Settings on the camera allow you to choose a larger aperture and a higher ISO, and to point the face of the character towards the light source and receive as much light as possible. As a result of light ratio is big, do not suffer the place of light to be able to hide in shadow, form dense dark tone image.

In fact, every time the bride in the makeup moment, I would like to show a particularly quiet scene. The room lights were at that time, there is only one window, I let the bride to the window to let the face as far as possible by light, and the metering, let no hidden places by light in the darkness, with such a heavy tone to foil the bride leaves, if I want to use the images are artificial light will light up, also won't get so quiet picture.

Use window light to convey the little thoughts of the bride

When the light from the window into, the bride sitting in the window side, a kind of implied beauty to be married. Whether to use backlight or side light depends on the Angle of the photographer, as long as you move your position, you will find changes in the light. Still can use translucent curtain keep out, obtain downy light, and highlight and shadow are quite even also.

Combine artificial light with natural light

Sometimes natural light and artificial light can complement each other to achieve the perfect effect. Artificial light can change the color temperature of the environment and enhance the atmosphere.

The beauty of blue time

There is a time before the sun goes down or rises when the sky is dark blue, and the street lights are even better when they come on. For the shooting, there are two characteristics. First, the main environmental contrast is small and the light is soft. The second is the special light, the subject of the light and street lights will present a warm color, while the sky is blue, you can shoot a charming portrait works.

Second, composition is a game between square inch

In fact, composition is to combine the most wonderful and most expressive content in this space, which is a process of selection and exclusion. After the structure, composition and arrangement of many elements, it helps to express the theme, draw the viewers' attention to the center of interest of the picture, keep the picture simple, eliminate and compress unnecessary factors. For wedding photographers, not only to master the rules, the more important is to cultivate good at discovering the eye, to break the rules, to form a unique perspective.

Deal with the various situations in wedding photography

1. Blank space gives more connotations to the picture

White space is not simply to empty the picture, but to give the viewer imagination space, give the work more connotation. The blank part is not only codependent with the main content, but also cooperates with each other in terms of content and color, such as color, light and shade, and order. No matter which part of the picture is removed, the harmony will be destroyed. The blank part is more of a continuation of the main body, especially in the case of line guidance, should pay attention to the direction of the line.

2. The open composition extends the viewer's imagination

Open composition is relative to closed composition. It emphasizes the connection between the inside and the outside of the picture, and does not pay attention to the balance and integrity of the picture, so it is unconventional composition. The diversity and uncertainty shown in the picture enable the viewer to imagine outside the picture and combine his imagination with the content of the picture to form a complete work. Therefore, the open composition is easier for the wedding documentary photography to express the plot.

Use lines to enhance

Emotion and line of sight guide are effective ways to improve photographic composition. When used correctly, lines can greatly enhance a photograph's impact. Horizontal lines create a sense of balance. Vertical lines can inject a sense of stability and calmness into the picture. Diagonal lines can convey movement; you can make it more dramatic; the spiral lines, serpentine lines and freely stretched lines in the free curve can give the audience a sense of rhythm and flow.

4. The beauty of details can be found in the composition of local figures

In addition to environmental portrait photography and portrait photography, highlight the eyes, nose, mouth and body of the charming lines of local character close-up, can also bring a strong visual impact. Wedding photographers need to be observant to get subtle, interesting or more artistic portraits. First of all, the local must be the most aesthetic; Next, with concise gimmick will behave, setting screen USES light to want concise; Again, zoom in on the aperture to blur the background and highlight the subject. Finally, if the early composition does not want to think bold, late can be cut boldly.

Change the altitude and you will see the difference

Sometimes you just need to raise or lower the camera position, you will find a completely different composition; can give the viewer a different visual experience than the horizontal view. In documentary wedding photography, upside-down shooting and downside-down shooting are two commonly used techniques of composition. Because of the Angle of view, the inverted beat causes the horizontal line to be lowered and the foreground object to be highlighted and exaggerated, thus achieving a special artistic effect.

In contrast to the inverted shot, the camera is shot from a height, giving the impression of looking down. The horizontal line in the aerial shot is raised, the lens vision is wide, and the surrounding environment can be fully demonstrated.

There is also a top shot, which is a more extreme form of aerial shot, in which the camera shoots perpendicular to the ground, taking expressive shapes from angles that are usually impossible for people to achieve, and turning them into beautifully composed images. In the case of shooting characters, this is also an unconventional perspective, which turns the three-dimensional space between people and the environment into a two-position plane, so that the picture has certain interest and aesthetic feeling.

Three, simple light for the bride took a good classic portrait

A beautiful portrait of the bride is not only a record of the bride's beauty that day, but also an unforgettable memory, which will be treasured forever. Due to the limitation of time and space, wedding photographers have to simplify the complex and use simple methods to create classic lighting effects.

Follow the principle of only one sun, looking for a light source, make its can depict the subject and achieve unexpected effect, better than exaggerated and complex lighting can use natural light, use the window side into the light, to choose a darker background can get quite downy light, this is the easiest and most can the effect way of portrait photograph. In addition can use a flashlight, from the top of the head of the person 45 degrees straight according to the face of the person, do not need any soft light measure to be able to obtain the effect of butterfly light.

Iv. Endow still life with more connotations

Still life wedding photography includes wedding dress, ring, wedding shoes, flowers (and all kinds of floral) performance.

1. The wedding dress

The wedding dress itself has a sense of beauty; in the shooting can be the overall outline, detail design, fabric texture outstanding performance. Lace wedding can depict fine details, satin wedding heavy in silky luster texture, fluffy gauze heavy in the dream of light air sense, the use of backlighting performance of the outline of the wedding line, at the same time can use a large aperture or macro shooting, get better depth of field and blur to highlight the details. You can also use oblique lighting to highlight the texture of the fabric. It should be noted that the lace on the white wedding dress is particularly prone to overexposure and can be used to darken the shot for better layers and details.

2. A wedding ring

The macro lens is often used in the shooting of the ring. The shooting idea can be realized not only by controlling the light, but also by other props to give the ring a special meaning. If apply lens to glance, use high speed to condense water bead, use slow door income more man-made light, or ring and character, reach the thing photograph of different material to combine, these are the gimmick that USES expression ring.

3. The wedding shoes

Have attractive line and delicate design, large canvas prints online of wedding shoe put can be completely symmetrical, also can be strewn at random have send. Appropriate background and props can be used to highlight the atmosphere of the wedding day.

13th May 2019

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