Decorate the shady living room

Decorate the shady living room

Shady sitting room is the sitting room that does not see sunshine, canvas prints whole can compare heavy feeling. But the living room is a place where the family receives guests, entertainment and communication, and needs a gentle and relaxed atmosphere. If it meets the shady living room, it needs to be strengthened through late decoration. Let's take a look at the shady living room decoration skills!

The living room in the dark side of the pros and cons

From geomantic go up for, cheap canvas prints the sitting room is an inferior position obviously in the shade. Itself is the role of to welcome in the sitting room, the geomantic go up to also said the fortunes of attack, if a sitting room in the shadow of the house, you will lack of sunshine, all the year round on the geomantic omen of Yin and Yang to reconcile here appear rupture, such room for tenants kaiyun and transport will be unfavorable, luck and it's easy to make residents decline.

And on practical, the sitting room is in shade, large canvas what bring about directly is the daylighting of the family is insufficient. If it is a house in the south, the living room in the shade will lead to the loss of more than half of the indoor lighting, but in the north of the house, if the living room in the shade, then there is no sunshine all the year round. Such long-term darkness will have on the health of the family and the cleanliness of the home.

Especially in families with old people and children, most of their activity areas are concentrated in the living room. Once the lighting in the living room is not suitable, it will seriously affect the growth of children and the health of the elderly. The sitting room that does not see sunshine all the year round, the whole is darker, breed germ easily also, causes unnecessary harm to people.

Increase activity space

Real furniture is put inside the sitting room can produce a few dead corners. Destroy tonal whole is coordinated. Solve this one contradiction is not difficult, should according to the specific situation of the sitting room, the design gives appropriate furniture, display ark and TV ark also spend the body to make to order by the wall, save every inch space, this maintained relaxed feeling on the vision, appear naturally bright. Additionally, if the sitting room has central heating position, can be designed according to the wall display ark, can make full use of dead angle, maintain unified basic key, still opened a window to show individual cultural grade. At the same time, we should pay attention to the ground treatment, as far as possible to use lighter materials, avoid dark eat up, can also enhance the brightness of the living room.

Increase the light source

We can brighten the interior by adding auxiliary light. Hit shoot lamp lamplight to go up in adornment picture for example, an elevated desk lamp is placed beside the bookshelf can get light yet also can let indoor light level is rich. Apply the principle of mirror reflection, we can choose the furniture that vitreous material is qualitative, reflect light, improve indoor brightness, for example the tea table that vitreous material is qualitative, partition, TV ark is waited a moment.

Unified refreshing tone

The sitting room of shade avoid uses a few dull tonal. Because suffer the limitation of the space, different color piece can destroy integral downy with warmth. Appropriate chooses white beech face, furniture of paint of matte of maple face, brick of face of soft mercerial smooth of shallow creamy yellow, metope uses shallow blue to debug, below the circumstance that does not destroy atmosphere, what can break through warm color is depress, better ground rises to adjust the effect of light. Living room color collocation must remember not to use some dull dark color, we need to use light color color, such as walls can be brushed white, light blue, pink and so on, furniture purchase matte paint class, these can improve indoor light.

Concise space

Shaded living room may not be helpful to place some miscellaneous furniture, like leather sofa. This is a situation where a lot of large pieces of furniture are placed in a dark room to give a dull feeling. To make matters worse, if the furniture is still dark in color, the capital case is dark. So we can choose concise furniture to avoid putting aside a dead corner.

Decorate the shady living room

What are the main points of the shady living room decoration?

Point 1, the south opening window: even if the living room is set in the shade, but for the non-integrated type, the two orientation belong to their own residence, the remedy is still relatively easy. Because of such door model, we can open large French window in the one side to the south, do not pull the curtain commonly, make sure as far as possible the corridor between south window and sitting room is capacious and unobstructed, the light that such ability lets south take shade sitting room to the utmost.

Point 2, open big north window: even if the shade living room can not bask in the sun, also want to open the window a little bigger as far as possible, in order to ensure the shade living room is ventilated smoothly, the field of vision is open. Otherwise there is not enough sunshine, and the window is small, it is easy to make the occupant depressed mood, the accumulation of Yin in the shady living room can not spread out, as time passes, will have a very adverse effect on the occupants. Enter a room to prevent winter cold wind nevertheless, the window had better choose airtight window, the curtain of tie-in frigid window gauze and massiness cloth art curtain, get used to different seasonal need with double decker curtain.

Point 3, set up green plants: look from the five lines, the south belongs to fire, wood makes fire, so we can decorate potted flowers in the south of the sitting room, conditional words, still can install a decorative fireplace, increase the vitality of the wood of the shade sitting room and the heating of the fire.

Point 4, ensure adequate illumination: Since the shaded sitting room can not get natural sunshine, that can only be acted in the role of lighting to supplement illumination. And in the lamp is acted the role of, the droplight of glass of European type crystal with numberless luxurant is brightest most bright beautiful undoubtedly, pass the refraction of crystal glass, can increase the brightness of basic light source greatly, the advocate lamp that serves as shade sitting room is acted the role of most appropriate nevertheless. Besides, still can be in appropriately outside droplight illuminating scope or weak place, add wall lamp or shoot the lamp, in order to dispel in the round the dark of the sitting room.

Point 5, decoration is given priority to with warm color: just sitting room is more cold than the general living room due to lack of lighting, decoration is more cannot choose cool color to decorate style, had better choose comfortable American country decorating style or pure and fresh and bright and beautiful Korean rural style, sofa, tea table and the main furniture like TV ark to also want to give priority to with natural solid wood or bright white plate, soft cloth art act the role ofing can choose downy light warm color department or candy color, material also should give priority to with plush and cloth art, such as wool carpet, cloth art cushion for leaning on and the like. In this way, both visual and practical texture can make the living room more warm and pleasant.

Points 6, with the wind flow assurance ventilated breathe freely, just generally are connected to the porch, sitting room, according to a different door model some directly connected, some middle there is a porch corridor, but in either case, we can be outside the door to a door window screen, when someone at home can open the door, Windows and use of the sitting room porch formation of wind flow, guarantee of the sitting room ventilated breathe freely, and this, is very important for especially hot summer.

The living room is fastidious about geomantic omen:

1, some people are very believe in geomantic omen numerology, if your sitting room toward the nightside, are you working in the shadow of the sitting room or study is affects your feelings, and academic career, therefore, if the sitting room is just in the home, small make up suggest you had better not or under the shadow of the sitting room window is next to study or work.

2, generally in geomantic omen is not recommended to choose the house of the shady living room, such a layout is easy to form a draughty, said it is not appropriate to collect money to accept gas, there will be a risk of leakage. If your pattern is that they don't need to be nervous, pattern cannot be changed, but can be addressed by partition, can be put in the middle of the just sitting room and balcony window screen or a bookcase, desk within objects, both beautiful and very good blocking the formation of both drafts, can also be appropriate to avoid some bad factors.

3, the shade living room window choice curtain color has an impact, if you pay special attention to this, I suggest that you buy white, red, silver, blue, gray and so on is the best, because the north is water, the color of the curtain can choose the color of gold and water, do not choose the color of yellow earth.

4, according to the geomantic omen, water on the geomantic omen five lines belong to Yin north, toward the north window is easy to make adverse air into the indoor, the sitting room inside and outside temperature instability, air flow, is near the window is not closed so can feel the wind, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks this is the evil wind, the wind beneath the window is a small area of the wind of the valve, be inhaled in the body can cause human body uncomfortable feeling, serious for the elderly, when they are likely to have the risk of stroke, panoramic canvas this is the need to be aware of.

22nd Feb 2021

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