Easy to take a good photo

Easy to take a good photo

If you are a novice, do you have the feeling that no matter how hard you try to take a good photo, it is always short of time, canvas prints and it is not as good as those professional photographers' works? In fact, there are ways to take good photos, no matter what the subject matter, you handle these 3 aspects well, your photos will not be bad. The following Xiaobian will give you bala bala.

1. A good photo must have a clear subject

The theme is the soul of a photograph and the core that the photographer hopes to present to the audience through the expression of photos. Whether a photo has a theme, or whether the theme expressed is meaningful, is the key to judge the value of a photo, that is, canvas prints australia the key to a good photo. Therefore, a good photo must have a distinct theme, such as the performance of a person, an object, or a story plot. The theme must be clear and unambiguous, so that the audience can understand what the photographer wants to express at a glance. So when we take a photo, we have to ask ourselves, what do I want to show in this photo.

The following picture reveals the full flavor of the New Year. Although the picture is simple, large canvas prints the theme is prominent and the peaceful and happy atmosphere is expressed in place.

2. A good photograph must have a prominent subject

If we want a photograph to be memorable and memorable, we need to draw the viewer's attention to the subject in the picture, which is the basic requirement of good photography. We can use some shooting methods to make the subject in the picture stand out and become a prominent subject.

Easy to take a good photo

Each of the following methods is a good way to highlight the subject:

(1) Void background, make the background simple, so as to highlight the main body.

(2) simplify the picture, we can look for a simple background to set off the main body.

(3) color contrast, we can use color contrast with the main body of the background to highlight the main body.

(4) chiaroscuro contrast, that is, the use of dark background to highlight the bright subject, or the use of bright background to highlight the dark subject.

(5) Exaggerate the subject, that is, use a unique perspective to make the subject appear particularly tall in the picture.

3. A good photograph must be simple

When we compose a composition, we must eliminate or reduce unnecessary content to prevent distracting the audience's attention, acrylic mounting online so that the audience's attention can better focus on the subject. We can simplify the picture by blurring the background of the subject, changing the shooting Angle, using light and shade contrast, using color contrast and other methods.

18th Feb 2021

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