​Five aspects need to be paid attention for Landscape Photography

​Five aspects need to be paid attention for Landscape Photography

Five aspects need to be paid attention for Landscape Photography

Many photographers are introduced to scenery photography, and there are many who are interested in it. We can often see enthusiasts carrying dozens of pounds of equipment, over mountains, over rivers, and waiting until dawn for a photo, but this photo may also be called sugar water.

1.Explore the uniqueness of the scene

If the picture presented to the world is not unique, it will not attract everyone's attention. It is also possible that the scene is unique, and the picture is not unique after decades of being widely used by various media. Huangshan is a typical example of this "blind eye". Therefore, common photographers go to no man's land to find a new feeling.

The search for the uniqueness of a scene is more a process of discovery than a search for what people have not seen. In the case of huangshan mountain, different weather conditions and light and shadow can capture unique images that are different from what people usually see. Therefore, for decades, huangshan mountain still has good films, but it is more difficult to shoot year by year. Nowadays, people who take pictures of huangshan mountain are looking for unique scenery after snow. It is also the greatest pleasure of landscape photography to discover and explore the unexplored wonders during the shooting. In other words, the exploration of the uniqueness of landscape photography is also a process of discovery, which can bring infinite fun to photographers and is also an important driving force for them to engage in landscape photography. Scenery photography can also explore the relationship between scenery and people, and the relationship between people and the environment is diversified, bringing unique interpretation to the scenery picture, which is also a highlight of scenery photography, enabling people to have unique associations after seeing it, and the works are also successful works. Of course, it can also be extended to the scenery of the city and other shooting subjects as the subject, and the departure from the scenery is the rigid thinking mode of mountains and rivers.

2. Pay attention to the details of the scene itself

The details of the scene can be animal hair, an autumn leaf or a hundred miles of river that crisscrosses the earth. We focus only on what we want to focus on, and that focus actually involves discovery. For example, if the texture of the rock is properly displayed, it can make people feel the time is far away. A photo that can take the time will make readers feel a lot of emotions. The cracks in the trunk of a poplar tree, for example, seem to speak of the harsh local natural environment, and these details play an important role in the picture.

In addition to the discovery of these important details in the early stage of shooting, we also need to create details in the post-production process. The creation is a little exaggerated, but in the post-production process, the important details in the early shooting are enlarged to make it more perfect. Do not advocate a kind of photography idea, is to use the huge picture, in order to get more details of the picture and create. Because this kind of heavy equipment, will certainly restrain you to create the radius and thinking.

Five aspects need to be paid attention for Landscape Photography

3, take a picture frame to shoot scenery

Due to the perfection of camera imaging, our photographers have forgotten their role. There are even some photography enthusiasts who compare the scenery of the camera imaging lens in China. They have missed the beauty and forgotten their role and status in the scenery shooting.

A good photographer has frames in his eyes of various shapes and sizes, and when he looks at a scene, he has these frames in his mind to discover the beauty of the landscape. This is the photographer and the general player's difference, is also the photographer subjective initiative fully displays.

In landscape photography, we compare the scenes with important scenes and images with sufficient information. As the expansion of scenes is bound to be not conducive to the extraction of themes, the shooting method of combining large scenes and partial scenes conforms to our pursuit. When shooting scenery in places where it is not appropriate to change the shooting site, we can adopt the shooting method of mainly large scenes and partially combined. A large scene is a frame that USES only a relatively short lens to surround the scene, which is usually placed in the best light and shadow when the shutter is pressed. After that, you can use the medium telephoto to shoot, which goes back to the picture frame.

4. Different shooting angles

In the domestic famous shooting place, there are many mature shooting points, everyone rushed to. There is no lack of similar films. Can you change the perspective of scenery? The most effective way to use landscape photography is to take an overshot view. Viewing the scene from the bird's perspective is necessarily different from what I see in daily life. Take the xiapu scenery as an example. It can stand out from the long coastline of China because there are a lot of low mountains around the xiapu tidal flat. These granite hills have become a place for thousands of photographers to have a bird’s-eye view of the mudflat. The extraordinary perspective makes the work magnificent and charming.

5, pay attention to the film and tune tendency of the work

The tone of sceneries is the first feeling in the overall impression of the work, and the most important element in the composition of the picture. When determining the image brightness and color tendency according to the requirements of the picture expression, the image tone height and the size of contrast should be determined first, followed by the tendency to control the color. Before sunrise, the sky's tone is dominated by blue, after which there may be rosy clouds, then red, then yellow, and finally a blue sky. The change of sunset sky is an inverse process. According to this rule, some color adjustment can be made to the color of the work, so the "color slant" is a trick to make the picture appealing and unique.

It is worth noting that the excessive rendering results in excessive saturation and contrast of the false post-production.

8th Aug 2018

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