​Five most common macro photography misunderstandings

​Five most common macro photography misunderstandings

Macro lens is generally regarded as a good partner for photographing flowers, canvas prints insects and birds. Whether professional or amateur photographers, they are always full of curiosity and imagination for this mysterious and tiny world, expecting to see the insight that is difficult to understand in daily life. However, while the field of macro is desirable for many people, there are some beautiful misunderstandings in the use of the lens. Here are five of the most common macro myths:

Macro lens can only be used to take macro pictures

Of course, shooting small objects is definitely a macro lens's strength, cheap canvas prints but it does not mean that macro lens can only shoot macro subject. In fact, many macro lens portrait effect is also very good, and compared with the general portrait lens, macro lens in contrast to the contrast and saturation of the performance is as good, sharpness is not under the table. Therefore might as well try to liberate the macro lens at hand, the next time more with it to try a variety of themes, do not put in the damp proof box stuffy bad.

F2.8 must be used

Many people think that the maximum aperture of a good macro lens must be 2.8, but this is definitely a false myth! Many macro themes even shrink aperture to F8 can still retain a good scatter; On the contrary, if the distance from the subject is not enough, frames for canvas shooting with a large aperture will make the depth of field not enough or increase the difficulty of focusing, such as shooting a tree frog with clear eyes but fuzzy hind feet.

The longer the focal section, the better

This is clearly another common myth. Undeniably, the long focal length of 100mm is bound to have better scattered scenes than that of 60mm, and when shooting macro subjects like insects and small animals, which are easy to be frightened, the long focal length will ensure enough shooting distance to avoid unnecessary interference of the subject. However, on both sides of the body, the long focus of the shooting stability requirements are higher, often need to be on the foot frame will be enough stability. On the other hand, not all subjects need to be shot from a distance, such as commodities on the table, food details, with a short focal section close shooting is also not necessary.

Five most common macro photography misunderstandings

For macro photography, it is not necessary to buy a full-time macro lens to do. In the market, many of the relevant write ring, reverse ring or macro filters can actually meet our needs, unless the work or special attention to picture quality, large canvas printing otherwise why have to go up to the top 100 micro?

20th Mar 2020

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