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​How to take photos with real feeling


How to take photos with real feeling

1.affection, the most true feeling

The family is a kind of delicate feeling, a casual CARES, caring, a kind of let only life of animals will have instinct, original ability. Love, for thousands of years, has never been outmoded by the universality of its existence and the richness of individual performance. The first thing to do is to be true, or to arouse the reader's feelings. The photographer can start from the kinship, seek the touch that exists nearby. Affection can awaken the essence of human nature, the most valuable thing in every person's life.

2.Friendship, the most sincere existence

It's a wonderful thing that can make you happy when you're down, and you'll be able to get out of your misery and embrace your new life. It's like something you can't say and feel happy. Friendship is a kind of sincerity and love, is sincere, loves to have the sincerity, love, is to give each other love, devotion, respect between each other is also the important premise of friendship. The noble purity of friendship can make people feel more deeply and vividly the common value and meaning of life.

3.Love, the sweetest moment

Love is the one who holds the other's heart and holds confidence in the longevity of the relationship and can share his personal life with the other. Love is a part of human nature, and each person's love has its own way of being. If a photographer takes love as a starting point and takes an infectious moment, it will be easy to believe that it is easy to have broad influence.

How to take photos with real feeling art

4.Childhood playmates, the best memories of childhood

I will always think of you, and of those days. Those years, no worries, no burden, just want to be happy. In those years, we watched ultra man play the little monsters. In those years, we were lying on the ground playing small games. In those years, we played a practical joke and made two. In those years, we walked together hand in hand... In those years we were very small but very fast. Childhood is the memory of everyone, as the years go by.

5.Motivational stories inspire people

There are always inspiring stories in life. It is often said that a man is poor, so long as one does not give up his own faith and always comes out of his own way. The present hardships, difficulties and doubts do not represent the future. Photographers can find more inspiring stories in life and spread them to future generations.

6.Freeze the moment

The wonderful moment always attracts the attention of the reader, no matter the atmosphere of the scene, the content of the picture, the characters deductive all very naturally send out a kind of glamour.