​How to take pictures of ordinary things

​How to take pictures of ordinary things

How to take pictures of ordinary things

We climb mountains and cross oceans in order to find beautiful scenery and explore exotic customs in order to take good photos. But ordinary daily life, in fact, we can also lift the camera, even ordinary photographs; you can also make them more beautiful. Here's a sharing from photographer Annie Tao.

1) Pay attention to shadows

You have to watch out for shadows, and if you do, change the composition, the Angle, the way things are laid out, and so on.

2) Observe natural patterns and shapes

Find interesting patterns in your daily life and focus on them.

3) Find good light

Move the object to good light. For example, when indoors, move it to a window. When the sun is hot outside, move it to shadow. If you can't move something, take your own place. It is easy to control the exposure. In the shooting process, the average metering method can be used to make the object get the correct metering and avoid underexposure or overexposure. Especially cannot overexposure, otherwise the later stage simply cannot remedy. Try to shoot in the early morning or late afternoon, when the light is slanted and soft on the face.

How to take pictures of ordinary things

4)blur the background

The biggest defect of ordinary scenes may be that the background will be messy and blur is the best choice. This can be seen from the works of the three masters at the beginning, and the blurring can only distinguish the general situation of background environment. The blurring of background can make the subject more prominent, and it won't let the background steal the spotlight of the subject.

5) Choose a clean background

The simplest way to take a picture of you in a messy room is to take a picture of yourself in front of a white wall. Xiao bay takes photos in front of a clean background, and the level will be improved to several levels.

6) Close-up of one of the key details

You don't have to photograph the whole thing or the whole environment, find out the key details of it and shoot it, it will be more eye-catching and the message will be clearer. If it's a book, a kettle, photographing the opened version, showing the content, will make the image more attractive.

The photographer pointed out that the most important thing to do when taking pictures is to use a snack and add some special elements to the photos instead of the monotonous pure record.

5th Sep 2018

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