Improve the emotional expression of landscape photograph

Improve the emotional expression of landscape photograph

Improve the emotional expression of landscape photograph

As an artistic form, canvas prints scenery photography is not a mechanical record of the landscape, nor an objective reduction scene, but a unique way of dialogue between man and nature, and the understanding of nature by the angle of art. Technology is only the foundation of photography, and works with artistic appeal can stimulate viewers' emotions and imagination.

Photography form is to use graphic images to express thoughts and feelings, cheap canvas prints like the writer telling the story in words, the painter, with all the colors of the brush depicts life photographer is using camera to capture the beauty of life bit by bit, through the artistic creation, to express feelings. Photography is full of spirituality only when it carries the human spirit and emotion.

Scenery photography works hard as humanities and portrait subjects directly convey some kind of emotion, but carefully taste will feel hidden emotions, it wasn't the most evocative strong emotions, but there seems like without meaning. Compared with the male works full of strength, female photographers sometimes express more tenderness and warmth, which enables them to integrate their emotions into their works more delicately. As the only female photographer of polar photography, this paper shares my personal understanding of the emotional expression of landscape photography.

This is a conceptual article. There is no specific technology for pre-and post-production, but some examples will be given to explain the concept of pre-shooting and post-processing. If you have the patience to read through it, believe that these experiences will improve your thinking and hopefully open a door to your creative journey. This paper will expound how to improve the emotional expression of landscape photography from the following five aspects

I. emotional expression of color

Color is one of the most expressive elements in visual art, which can convey a lot of information that cannot be conveyed by other visual elements. According to psychologists, people's first feeling is vision, and the biggest influence is color. Colour is the first feeling that enters a vision, can produce the effect that has extremely walloped.

Color has an important influence on psychological activities, especially when it is closely related to emotions. It can not only make people excited, but also make people quiet, but also bring people joy or tranquility. Color can affect mental state and mood, because color comes from the color of nature, blue sea, golden sun, green field and so on. When you see these colors, you associate them with the feelings and experiences associated with these natural objects, which are the most primitive influences.

According to the influence of color on psychology, color is divided into warm tone, cool color and neutral tone. The cold and warm feeling of color is formed by association in people's long-term life practice. Red, orange and yellow often remind people of the sun and flame, with warm, warm feeling, so called "warm color"; blue, blue can make a person associate with blue sky, sea, ice and snow, give a person with cold, simple and elegant feeling, so called "cool color".

Colour has unlimited tension, helps the expression of content and theme of deepening, it can establish the frame of emotional images at the outset, many attracts the attention of works are first "color". Some artists and film directors have a flair for color. Van Gogh’s colors are full of strong personal emotion and psychological factors. Gauguin's color is rugged, showing his love for the pristine beauty of Tahiti. Is one of the important means of creating color in the film art, use of color in the visual language the most emotional and emotional effect, gives the film deep meaning, the symbolism of the color led the audience into the story.

The concrete analysis of the connotation of color is conducive to the expression of color in photographic works. Red has the longest visible wavelength and is a warm, impulsive, powerful color that is very attractive. Orange is the warmest color in the warm color system. It gives people a pleasant and warm feeling and reminds people of golden autumn and rich fruits. Yellow lightness is very high, the symbol is brilliant and glorious, and red is same, belong to dazing color. Green is fresh, peaceful, vibrant color, symbolizing life and hope. Blue is the coldest color, showing purity, clarity, poise and serenity.

The art of rendering - creating an atmosphere

Build atmosphere were taken by the early and late rendering done, according to the light, can show or beautiful dream, or the mysterious deep, or the mysterious magic, or brilliant or quiet different artistic conception and so on. Landscape works use light and shadow and color to lighten the atmosphere and express emotions. The harmony between tone and artistic conception will lead the audience into the scene and generate resonance through imagination.

Improve the emotional expression of landscape photograph

Tone is the general tendency of color in a photo. We often see scenes of different colors being shrouded in the light of the sun, or in the light blue of the moon. This is a phenomenon in which a certain color is enveloped in objects of different colors, so that objects of different colors all have the same color tendency. Hue is the overall effect of color composition of the picture, sometimes it is also formed after modification and adjustment in the process of later revision, so it has subjectivity.

Tonal is the essence part of color, handle properly can let your work upgrade a class. To obtain the overall color of the picture, it is necessary to establish a harmonious and unified color relationship. First, follow the principle of primary and secondary to form a picture of the overall tone color is the main body color, it could be the largest one color, could also be highest purity or lightness, the most striking color. Foils and embellishments are secondary colors that do not play a decisive role in the overall tone, but have a rich picture effect. Colour has main have time, reasonable collocation lightness and purity, ability produces unified and the effect that has window. The primary and secondary colors should coordinate with each other, and the harmonious beauty is the basic principle to construct the picture atmosphere.

4. Integrate humanistic feelings

Into the humanities landscape photography works, can reflect local characteristics, religious beliefs, rural amorous feelings, make the picture richer, plot of land once happened in the story, produce the resonance of deja vu, have thought the work of soul is more beautiful.

V. story of the picture

In my picture, there are quite a number of pre-production really need powerful technology to complete, surrounded by even a photo at the same time involves exposure, depth of field, panorama splicing technology, also to need to synthesize some astronomy geography knowledge, make a careful plan to seize minimal chances of shooting. However, some photos are free to move, even without a camera. They only capture that touching moment with a mobile phone. Whatever technology you use, if it's what you want to say, technology is just a means to an idea.

A shot, I inadvertently taken to reverse direction, see a pair of lovers sat on the bench looking at the setting sun, speechless dependency, the light of the sun hung over the couple, romance. While the camera was taking pictures of the long-exposure harbor bridge, I quickly took a picture of the tranquil and loving moment with my mobile phone. Take out a cellular phone at the same time I have instantly decided the way and the composition form, facing the sunset is photographing, due to the dynamic range of mobile phones is far inferior to the camera, only shooting silhouette, so the metering focal point in the sky to ensure exposure, however, the big tree near the shoot into the picture composition, make it become the framework more can highlight the main body. The photo was later bought by the brand and placed at the press conference.

The photos captured by the mobile phone also show that the equipment is not absolutely important; the key is the ability to find and respond to situations.

Sometimes we can also deliberately arrange people to design the plot in the picture, it is important to note characters in landscape photography is not the main body, only play the role of the ornament, the ratio characters in the picture, collage canvas not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, and environment as the concept of this to separate.


Emotion is the soul of all art forms. Successful art works are all emotional people. The same scenery will have different feelings in different people's hearts. The light and color of each work hides the books you have read and the road you have traveled.

4th Jul 2018

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