Looking for your own unique style in mobile photography

Looking for your own unique style in mobile photography

As a professional photographer, I often take photos of cellphone tidbits when I am working. In my spare time, I also like to take photos with my mobile phone, take photos of various landscapes, and record various facts and interesting things. Mobile phone is a very convenient tool, now the mobile phone photography is more and more powerful; a lot of times we can completely drop the camera to use mobile phone to take pictures of our ideas, or even the camera.

Affectionate couple, tender children, inadvertently passing through the good scenery, the frames of these frames, I want to use the mobile phone to freeze down the video. When I shoot portrait films, I like to shoot some abstract pictures of people and landscapes, and some interesting compositions.

In the photos of people and landscapes, I removed the face of the figure and made it the existence of abstract symbols. This kind of composition and posture allows the audience to get more associations than the overall facial emotions. At this time, there are 10,000 hamlets in 10,000 people. Everyone has their own ideas on how to interpret a photo.

It should be noted that in this kind of composition, I mostly adopt the method of center composition, putting the main body in the center of the picture, and occupying the proportion of the picture cannot be too much. In addition, this kind of large scene shooting needs to pay attention to the light ratio and direction. Backlight shooting is a countertrend for mobile phones. We should try to choose the light direction or side light position, so as to better achieve the light ratio balance of the picture and also be conducive to displaying the picture quality of mobile phones.

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The best time to shoot a backlight is when the sun is at a low Angle. For example, the three photos above are all shot in silhouette. When shooting silhouette, we should pay attention to the cleanliness of the overall environment, place the characters in a prominent position, and use the inverted or horizontal shooting method to make the sky and clean background occupy a larger proportion of the picture.

In the metering mode of our mobile phone, we mostly use point metering, so we choose the background for metering when focusing, so that we can take a nice silhouette smoothly. This can also be used in artificial light or at night.

Again and again, the soul of mobile phone photography is composition, because the depth of field of mobile phone is not enough, the picture quality is limited, so we need to take more photos of this kind of big scene. The proportion of characters in this composition is minimal, but what the characters are doing in the overall environment becomes an interesting interaction. Such as people walking in the sunset, such as people cycling in the fog, such as people stop in the unique shape of the building.

We can also use this context to explain the picture language when someone takes a picture with his/her mobile phone (-d).

The key words above are: highlight the environment, find rules for composition, and capture interesting interactions.

Various masters of photography have said that photography is the art of light. Light and shadow effect is the best way to render a picture atmosphere and express the intention of the picture. When the weather is good, we all know, to use all means to create light and shadow effect of the sun. In fact, when the weather is good, the picture quality taken by the mobile phone and the camera will not be too far off. We can take unique pictures by making shadows with sunlight.

For instance the shadow of shutter projects on girl body, built a distinctive aesthetic feeling.

And overcast day or indoor word, ambient light incline to diffuse reflex, compare insipid, this time we are about to use the position that relies on a window more, because the position light that relies on a window is the biggest, easy the simple sense that highlights a character.

Even where the light is really weak, it can be interesting to see some artificial light in place. For example, in the tunnel, the car lights cast shadows on people's bodies on the wall, which is interesting because of the addition of colors. Here is a picture of the tunnel before and after the contrast and retouching ideas. Photos on my phone are usually tinted and fine-tuned using VSCO software. It can be seen that the contrast between before and after is quite large.

These are typical portraits. Portrait photography is the most moving language and body language, this shooting method and the camera is not too much of a difference in thinking. Looking for the most beautiful Angle, looking for the most moving eyes, looking for the most suitable pose, is the key.

If you have seen my camera works and guest photos, you can see that my approach to mobile phone photography is a little different. I will focus more on the concept and artistic images when shooting with my mobile phone. The purpose is to make the picture more concise, easier to highlight the theme, and better to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses. It is a matter of personal taste whether to apply post-production and filters. For works with more formal portrait photography style, I will appropriately apply more colors. Other works emphasize the overall atmosphere. I hope you can find your own unique style in the phone shooting.

11th Feb 2019

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