Photo shoot as best gifts for valentine's day

Photo shoot as best gifts for valentine's day

Use of reflectors

Mirror, water surface, shop window, all kinds of reflective objects are very common with the help of objects, sometimes the overlapping effect brought by the reflective body do not have a unique charm. Whether it is large patio Windows or huge floor mirror or even the car on the mirror...... They can be used to give you a unique picture of the couple.

Peeping perspective

The sugar index of some peeping couples is quite high! Give up the tall and lofty way of framing and composition, take a hidden shooting technique. Choose the scene that a few have administrative levels, for instance bookshop, casual can make the sweethearts that gives grey to often have emotional appeal to take!

Take a picture of life

Almost every couple in love loves to take pictures, from meals to trips, and can't wait to jot down every second they spend together. What we see in these pictures of love is not a big love story. The photos that really touch people's hearts are not about cleverness or fashion, but about the most basic emotions, which is our romance.

Compared to those mountains and rivers, I love those sofa and kitchen which are full of life breath with you. Record the daily life of your love!

Framing the composition

The most beautiful moment means that many factors are just right, including the background, composition, mood, expression and so on. The most beautiful moments in a couple's photo album often come from the heart-to-heart interaction between lovers, when they look at each other and laugh or fight. Use frame scene composition picture opportunely can make the distinctive visual sense that gives a kind of 2 people world, do not have lasting appeal one time, happy frame rises.

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Choose a romantic scene

The scene also has a great influence on the couple's photos. Choose scenes with their own romantic filters, such as the aquarium, the stars... You can also make full use of silhouette! Silhouette is a very flattering way for shy young lovers who don't want to show their faces. When shooting, you can try to choose some obvious postures to express your emotions more clearly.


Back can always be a good way to create a sense of immersive not artificial. To get rid of the awkward couple photos, try taking a backshot. Photos full of hope for the future, can consider the back of the hand, or in the open place to see far.

Black and white match

Who says dog food can only be colored? Black and white couple photos have a different feeling oh ~ black and white portrait of the characters, the shaping of the character has a strong artistic tension. Black and white processing not only did not let a person feel inanimate, show love more instead dinkum.

Use simple props

In addition to the warm and sweet look, some romantic scenes and props are also bonus items for the romantic atmosphere in photos. We should be good at finding elements that can be used in the environment to create an emotional atmosphere for photos. Props are important, but they should be worn with the subject, the setting, and the costume. Umbrellas, veils, gloves, special clothing or locally sourced items, etc. can make a shot unique and interesting if used wisely.

10th Feb 2019

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