​Popular photograph with long exposures

​Popular photograph with long exposures

Popular photograph with long exposures

Long exposure, as the name implies, canvas prints is to extend the shutter to obtain long exposure. The camera is no longer to capture a short moment, but to record the changes of a period of time. It's not a new approach to photography, but it's been very popular since its inception. If you try long exposure, you're bound to get hooked on its special effects. Why? Here's the answer!

Long exposure can only be achieved by slow door photography. Slow door corresponds to high-speed shutter speed, cheap canvas prints which usually refers to the shutter speed of over 1/30s. A slower shutter means a longer exposure time, which can be understood as the same concept.

Long exposure can make water static

Long exposure in the sea and the lake is particularly useful when it makes the water flow presents a state of "very", similar to the effect of static or frozen, through long exposure makes the water became quiet, both retained water as a picture element, and not due to the fluctuation of water images to distraction, tie-in appropriate foreground or background, make the picture full of the ultra reality of peace.

Long exposure makes the sky silky

Since long exposure can muddle water, it can also muddle the sky. This is often used in urban landscapes and architectural photography. Blurring the sky makes the main building stand out, and turning it black gives it a different flavor, as if everything is lost in time and space.

Popular photograph with long exposures

Tips: in addition to the tripod and shutter release, long exposure photography also USES an ND filter (a neutral density filter), which reduces the amount of light coming in to achieve a longer exposure time. As for the selection of ND filter, try to avoid products that are too cheap. It is not only easy to color, but also can reduce the picture quality. You will never regret buying an excellent filter.

Long exposure can make people disappear

If you're shooting in a city, you're likely to have a lot of problems with people. You want to shoot a scene, but what about all the people around you? Long exposure! Because the person is ceaseless move, actually stream of people is equivalent to current, as long as the exposure time is long enough can eliminate the person's interference, get clean picture. Shorter and longer exposures can make moving objects "ghostly," while longer exposures can make moving objects completely disappear, leaving the crowded downtown empty!

Long exposure conquers the night scene

Slow door photography is also a great tool for night photography. It can be exposed as long as you want, and you don't have to worry about the loss of image quality caused by high ISO. Not only can you guarantee sufficient light intake, but you can also use slow door to create light rails, which will make reality a dream!

Long exposure gives you more surprises

Slow door photography is definitely a way to surprise you! Every time you shoot, you need to carefully set up the tripod, set up the camera, adjust the filter, press the shutter, complete a series of ritual actions, and then wait for the photo to be completed. I don't know whether you are surprised or disappointed until the end, which is one of the great charms of slow door photography!

There are no restrictions on trying long-exposure photography: a b-door camera, a tripod, large canvas prints an ND filter and a shutter release are all you need to play with! Slow door photography is so popular for a reason, you can try to discover its new highlights, which is a good way to improve your photography!

9th Aug 2018

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