Seaside photography tips and tricks

Seaside photography tips and tricks

One place that's perfect for a hot summer day is the beach. Blowing the sea breeze, holding the camera, canvas prints shooting beautiful models, is also a pleasant thing. Even without beautiful models, it's fun to shoot tidal waves. Moreover, if you are interested, when the setting sun sets, the sun rises, the photography beautiful sunrise and sunset, I believe you will also feel very beautiful. But when we go to the beach, we must be prepared, such as careful of the water in the camera, set a reasonable white balance, with a tripod, etc. Below small make up for you to introduce a few basic tips, I believe you will make the seaside photos become more attractive.

Make the sky and sea bluer with a fun polarizer

When facing the vast ocean, do you need to take a deep breath, canvas prints online and then pick up the camera to compose the picture?

Add a polarizer to your lens

When we are photographing the sea, we often feel that the sky is not blue enough and the sea is not blue enough. At this point, consider adding a polarizer to your camera (SLR). Polarizers, also known as polarizers, or PL mirrors, big canvas prints are filters.

Polarizers can make the sea and sky bluer

The excellent function of polarizers is to selectively allow light to vibrate in a certain direction. In color and black and white photography, polarizers are often used to eliminate or weaken the strong reflection on non-metallic surfaces, thus eliminating or reducing the light spots. So when shooting in front of the sea, you can make the colors of the sea and sky bluer.

Backlighting portrait and silhouette effects are also played against the sea

In the face of the beautiful sunset scenery, I believe you cannot help but pick up their own camera, press the shutter, the beautiful moment freeze down. When the background is a sunset, it is often suitable for backlighting photos.

When shooting the setting sun, if you bring a card machine, you can choose "setting sun mode" to shoot, which will make the light warmer and the whole color tone is yellowish, very beautiful with the setting sun. As for backlighting, you can also choose the "backlighting mode" of the card machine.

Backlight silhouette

When shooting backlight photos, it is easy to produce silhouette effect, which is also a beautiful picture in the face of beautiful seascape

Set different white balance to capture various views of the seaside

In the seaside scenery, we can also according to different light, adjust the white balance of different, in order to achieve different effects, such as the white balance set to direct sunlight, cloudy, cloudy patterns, even can make more warm sunset filled with lens, or make the photo look attune slants cold, this can try a different white balance, until the effect you want.

Seaside photography tips and tricks

Set different white balance, feel different photo effect

In addition, you can also take pictures of the scenery near the beach, such as palm trees, back shells and crabs on the beach. It's also a great shot. I'm sure you'll want to capture more of this when you're looking down at the beach.

Use your high/low shutter speed to take pictures of rising tides

It is also interesting to photograph the rising tide of the sea, especially when you see the turbulent moment of the sea, I believe you will be amazed at the charm of the sea. At this point, you can use a fast shutter speed to record the dynamic moment. And if you want to take a picture of the water lingering like silk, you can use a slow shutter speed to feel the beauty of the water form.


Be sure to bring your tripod with you when shooting with a slow shutter speed. You can choose a shutter speed of more than 1 second, and it is better to add your polarization lens, and then set the ISO to 100, this time will not overexpose, you can take the water like silk.


If you want to go to the seaside to shoot, there are many subjects to shoot, such as beautiful models splashing in the water, various creative composition, etc., these depend on your imagination. In shooting, it is necessary to adjust various parameters of the camera, cheap canvas frames such as white balance, shutter and so on. Only in this way can you get the effect you want.

9th Jul 2019

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