Shoot the classic black-and-white portraits

Shoot the classic black-and-white portraits

Shoot the classic black-and-white portraits

Color dominates almost all areas of vision. Why are black-and-white photographs still so popular in photography? Because the power of classics cannot be ignored! Here we will teach you how to see the world in black and white, canvas prints and shoot classic black-and-white portraits.

See the world in black and white

Many photographers like black and white color very much, because without color, canvas prints online people who appreciate a photo will pay more attention to the composition and light of the photo. See black and white world means to observe the world of light and structure: looking at how people and objects, illuminated by the light through observation found that or objects is in what kind of light and shade effect and composition was able to stand out, or how can let a person or object into the environment.

Look for highlights and shadows

All colors are transformed into shades of gray, and you need to think carefully about how colors accentuate the contrast. For example, a lemon can stand out in a pile of oranges, but how can it stand out if the color is removed? The answer is: we look for contrast between high light and shadow.

Luminance difference between main body and background

In order to master portraits of characters, the most basic two elements should be grasped: subject and background. In color photos, people just need to find a blue background wall or a bright flower cluster to make them stand out from the background. But in black and white photography, it depends on the brightness of the subject and the background. For example, your subject stands in the shade of a tree, and the background is a sunlit bush of flowers.

Obviously, if the main body is placed in the sunlight, the flowers in the background are placed in the shade, the effect that shoots out at this time, it is the light of the background will appear very dark. So think about more than that: consider the distribution of light, the ratio of the foreground to the background, and how to deal with high light and shadow.

Shoot the classic black-and-white portraits

Keep a sharp eye

There are several basic principles to keep in mind when photographing people, whether in color or black or white. First of all, the most important thing to pay attention to is the eyes of the characters. Secondly, when using the three-point method to shoot portraits, the eyes of the characters can be at the junction of the three-point line, so that the composition is more conventional.

01 shoots in RAW format

RAW files can record color information completely and cannot be changed without parameters. With fine tuning, you can still keep your photos in color. After shooting, you can use Adobe Camera Raw or Light room for processing.

02 convert monochrome mode

Most digital cameras have monochrome mode Settings, in Nikon, the Settings under "setting optimization calibration" menu, Canon camera is in the style of "color" menu can be found. Your camera screen will display a monochrome hue directly.

03 detailed Settings

There are several fine-tuning options in the monochrome Settings to improve the skin tone of your subject. In addition to adjusting brightness and contrast, you'll also find color filters. They act like superimposed filters in front of the lens, 3 Photo Collage On Canvas helping to change the color and lightness of the scene.

27th Jun 2018

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