​Shoot your own scenery photo

​Shoot your own scenery photo

Shoot your own scenery photo

After photographing the scenery for several years, I no longer deliberately pursue the simple and beautiful sunrise and sunset. It's true that beautiful sunrise and sunset images can be enjoyable, but what's more important is whether they have some meaning. In other words, canvas prints can this picture convey the feeling and meaning of the audience? If not, the picture is at best a "vase". Maybe some friends will say that not all of them are "vases"? I don't think so, a piece of scenery program if it expresses the author feel about the scenery, emotions, etc., and can cause the resonance of the audience, and feel the author want to express feelings and emotions, cheap canvas prints that this film is not a "vase", it has the meaning. I tried to summarize the following five points. I hope it will help you to seek change, to seek your own work of beauty.

1. Pursue and explore originality

I believe many of my friends have probably heard it more than 10,000 times. Shoot different, unique, new things. You can go to a new, unphotographed location; It can also be a place many people have photographed, but with a new perspective and a different post-processing atmosphere. Art is creative, copy others later photographed perspective and atmosphere for newcomers are indeed a very good chance to practice and learning, but to want to pursue their artistic potential within you, it may be called "clone". Each of us is unique, growing up in different times, living and family environments, with different views and feelings about different things and landscapes. This image is original as long as it reflects your inner feelings about the landscape. It's important to show your perspective and your world through the lens. The charm of photography is because of its uniqueness. When everyone is shooting the same thing, it loses its charm.


"Pictures can tell a story." I believe many friends have heard this sentence. Someone might ask, "how can I tell a story with pictures?”In fact, any good picture has a central focus, a major feature, and different elements to support that focus and major feature. If we cover too many elements in the picture, such as too many scenery elements, the picture color all elements supersaturated, this can result in the picture no rule and focus, this will let the audience is hard to find what you want on a story. Many beginners, including when I was just beginning shooting scene, run into a big scene, to include all scenery elements in one picture, anything that does not tell the audience, because the picture is chaotic. This is why composition always comes first in photography. Composition determines the central focus and main features of a picture, and how different elements support the central focus and main features.

Learn to choose light

In fact, when photographing the scenery outdoors, there will be different light at any time; sometimes strong, sometimes weak, light always affects the scenery with different degrees. As a photographer, in addition to choosing good composition, the second thing to do is to choose the light, and choose the light that is most suitable for the picture you want to take, which can reflect the light that you want to express. Yes, we can't control the natural light, but we can choose the right light to tell the story of this picture. Make sure that the light intensifies the central focus of the image and the feeling you want to convey, and that it leads the viewer to the central focus. It's not easy to go out, and it's even harder to go to a place that impresses you. So, allow yourself enough time to wait for the right light, or keep an open attitude, be flexible, and react quickly to changing light. In many cases, the lighting of my favorite works only lasts for 2, 3 minutes or less. In many cases, the camera is not even on the tripod.

Shoot your own scenery photo

It's important to focus on what you want to shoot and follow your own inner voice. There are all kinds of noises and pressures around us, and it's easy to see the "voices" and the invisible "pressures" coming from social networking sites and other social groups. "This film is nothing special and ordinary"; or a flood of praise; How many thumb up's are there in this picture? These are all sounds and pressures from the outside world. You don't need that thousands of points to prove that a picture is a good film, a picture can touch your heart feeling, this is a good movie, if you can produce other audiences, adding to the good that is. If you just want attention and thousands of likes, you will be eroded in the long run and your films will naturally lose their charm and uniqueness. For me, to explore the nature and life in the field, can I get in touch with nature itself is the source of passion, can put my course and landscape shot everywhere see Shared with everybody, this is additional.

In fact, everyone has the ability to create art and shoot our own works. What you need to do is figure out how to express your inner voice and feelings, keep experimenting, keep shooting, and don't be afraid of outside voices and "stress." I hope that in the New Year, wall art prints everyone will be able to take photos of their own satisfactory works! 

12th Jul 2018

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