Shooting minimalist style photo

Shooting minimalist style photo

How to shoot minimalist style photo

1. Choose a simple and clean background.

The simple and clean picture background, canvas prints is the best choice for shooting minimalist photography work. When going out to shoot, you might as well choose the scenery with less picture element as the background. An endless field of wheat, a green sky, a rocky hill, or an immense ocean of lakes can be a backdrop for minimalist photography. If you can't find a simple and clean background, you can also use some techniques to reduce the interference of unrelated elements.

2. Include visual center focus.

Even if the minimalist picture elements are relatively few, cheap canvas prints such images should not lack the focal point of the visual center. But it is important to note that both by the people, the natural scenery and man-made structures to serve as the center of the picture, the viewer's line of sight should be toward the focal point, in the first other location rather than the picture. Therefore, after finding the appropriate background, look for objects that can be the focal point of the visual center, and then organize the images around that focus. Characters can often become extremely brief picture perfect visual focus, so you can invite friends or children posed in the pictures, can also carry the tripod, let oneself become the protagonist of the picture. After the shooting, you might as well take a look at the picture and see where the focus is. If you need to spend too much time looking for visual focus, this means that the focal point of the visual center is not compelling enough. Even in the same scenario, you can try multiple shots, and each time you try, you'll find something else, acrylic prints australia that can be used as a visual focus.

3 Look for a single big tree.

The big tree can add vivid detail and infinite interest to the original plain picture, so the tree can serve as the perfect visual focus of minimalist photography. At the same time, there are many similarities between the tree and the people themselves, which can arouse the emotional resonance of the audience and make the viewer unconsciously integrate into the picture. When shooting, you might as well look for a single tree in the wilderness, but if the background contains more elements, try to get close to the tree and reduce the distractions in the environment. Transform shooting Angle, try a different composition, until get clean and concise picture effect, and get the eye-catching visual focus. Low Angle shot can be more intake of the sky screen, resulting in a negative effect. Although a single tree can bring good effect, but if into or other physical characters will bring the whole picture dimension and depth, increase the picture story and interesting. Of course, shooting a big tree of the four seasons is also a memorable fun.

4. The picture is to be incorporated into a large area of sky.

In the minimalist style, there is a large area of negative space, and a large blank screen can help create a clean and crisp image. Because there is no distracting clutter, the viewer is consciously attracted to the main object. Low Angle shooting or high ground can allow more sky to enter the picture. It should be noted, however, that when the phone is shot in the sky, it should consider the effect of light and the direction of the sun. If the sun is behind the photographer, the main light and color effects will be enhanced, and the details will be better presented. If the sun is located in front of the photographer, the subject will have a black silhouette effect. Despite the fact that the subject color and details cannot be fully presented, the silhouette effect adds an amazing dramatic effect to the picture. The main body can be placed at the top of the mountain and then taken from unusual angles.

5. Shoot down

Down from a height, the earth as a background, even in the picture element and complex environment, this technique also enables us to suppress interference, shoot the photographs of the style is concise. In addition, to the ground as a background can also add a beautiful texture and color in the picture, will the pebbles on the beach, bright green lawn, the golden wheat fields or transparent clear blue water as a background picture, also received good results. Of course, don't forget to include a visual focus in the picture, people, interesting objects, ducks playing in the water, etc., can be the focal point of the visual center. You can also use creative thinking to shoot shadows, reflections, or light to increase interest. Trying to shoot from different angles, the slight deviation of the Angle of view will bring a completely different picture effect and visual perception to the viewer.

6. Shooting in snow

The background of snow can create a fairy tale white effect. Here is a picture of the snow, giving the illusion of a studio shot. In cloudy day, harmony of heaven and earth as a white, white space effect has been enhanced, or standing on high shot down, directly to the snow as a background picture, is also a kind of good method. After focusing on the main body, if necessary, slide up and down on the screen to adjust the image exposure. Because the snow is very reflective and extremely bright, when photographing a large area of snow, the camera's automatic photometric system can be taken for a very bright environment, so the exposure can be reduced automatically. In this case, increased exposure compensation, as appropriate, can effectively improve the picture. Of course, you can also use the phone software for post-processing, by adjusting the brightness and contrast of the screen to make the snow look whiter.

Shooting minimalist style photo

7. Shooting in fog

Heavy fog weather to bland landscape covered with a layer of mysterious, has brought about radical reversal, everything in sight in the minimalist style of film provides a great opportunity, dark fog can be hidden, eliminate interference, as the main body to create a layer of white, clean and bright background picture. If the trees at different distances can be intake screen along with the fog, the farther away from the camera of trees, the fog of its hidden effect is better, in the picture is fuzzy, the entire image depth will be strengthened. Like shooting snow scene, if necessary, you can slightly increase the amount of exposure, and of course, the software can be used for later adjustment.

8. Add bold colors to your photos.

If choose snow, water surface, grassland and so on unified color scenery is the background, might as well add a kind of bold color in the picture. The easiest way is using colorful props or clothing: Ming yan's umbrella can usually be minimalist photography the right-hand man, of course, you can also like the photo above, with the help of a painted chair come to deck. Take full advantage of your imagination and creativity, and minimalist photography can make a difference. If choose characters as visual focus, you can let people wear bright color coat, dress or hat, you can also like above, put on a pair of red boots, his feet into the picture. The background picture may also find some colorful objects, such as painted huts, or brightly colored boats. Add eye-catching color picture, can let the body is more outstanding, more easy to attract attention of the viewer, in addition, red and yellow colour contrasts with the background, bring the viewer pleasant visual experience.

9. Use the app to fix the picture.

After the shooting, the software can help you cut out unnecessary visual elements, or add other elements to balance the composition. If there are visual elements that distract the viewer, such as signs, wires, or garbage, you can repair the software. If the photo foreground has an object that is distracting to the viewer, you can use an app called Reflect to replace the foreground image with a beautiful reflection. If the picture looks unbalanced, you can use the app to add another element to the photo to improve the overall picture composition.

10. Consider composition.

Even if there is not too much chromatic element in the minimalist picture, how the elements are arranged also plays a very important role in the overall picture effect. As its composition will have an impact on the degree of visual focus to attract, at the same time can also affect the image of visual balance, such as the guide line can be a very good composition tool, the guide line can lead the viewer eye, increase the scene depth, and create magical effect of symmetry. Looking around the subject for visual elements that make a "frame" effect, such as a tunnel or a branch, can make the subject stand out and focus more. How to arrange the main body in the frame, put it in the center of the picture, put it in the third point, or put it on the edge of the frame? The position of the main body will play a major role in the composition of the picture. If you can't decide which composition can produce the best picture effect, let the subject be in a unique position, take a few more shots, and then weigh the screen effects repeatedly to select the best one.

Photographic composition is how to arrange people. Scenes and objects in the picture skillfully to obtain the best layout. At the same time, it is the whole means of combining images and revealing images. In general, it is the purpose of the composition to express our thoughts and emotions through the expression of pictures and to perfect the beauty of discovery.

9th Apr 2018

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