​Some advice on travel photography

​Some advice on travel photography

Some advice on travel photography

Get to know the local culture before you leave.

The preparation before departure is more likely to be neglected than the necessary luggage, which is to understand, canvas prints the cultural customs of the destination and the way people live. This is essential for shooting. A lot of people don't get their own satisfaction on the journey, largely because they don't understand the culture. Before you start, ask your friends about the local situation, photos on canvas or check out the books and use the power of the Internet. This is the "software" foundation for good photos.

Get into the local life.

Travel photography is not about flying to an exotic location, taking pictures of the trip. Although the journey we will see the local people's life condition, but to believe, when you spend enough time and energy to get to know a place, "magic" things will happen slowly. A lot of people just started when they travel to the schedule were full, tour; want to for a limited time through more places, but many travel photographer precisely will choose insight into this place. Photographing an unfamiliar place from the perspective of a native can often bring unexpected results.

Be honest with people.

Both pure portrait photography and realistic humanistic photography is a favorite subject of travel. But the photographers' "long guns" are aggressive and intimidating when shooting portraits in foreign countries. In this case, it is necessary to conduct good communication before shooting, and do not shoot without the consent of the other party. Before shooting, you can communicate with each other in a friendly way and make brief exchanges based on the local customs. Then you can ask if they can take photos. If there are conditions that can be prepared, if you can give them a photo in time, he/she will be very happy.

Some advice on travel photography

Know your equipment well.

Suggest that we go out to enough understanding of their equipment, unless its experience a real photographer or travel with the task of shooting experience, otherwise you go out or use their most familiar cameras for the best. There are a lot of unexpected moments on the road, and if you're using your own camera, you're more likely to make a good movie. But if you want to take unfamiliar equipment out of the door, at least you should use it ahead of time, to be prepared.

Write and take notes.

The fast pace of life has led people to forget their notebooks and diaries and enter the information age. Social media such as face book and We Chat can be regarded as the "diary" of the Internet. If you really don't want to write, it's a good idea to record it on your cell phone. , you are no matter in what kind of way to record each day's filming process, so both sorting photos, write a travel in the future and contributing articles to magazines, websites, all can be done according to the can depend on. In addition, taking notes can also help you find some shooting mistakes in order to quickly improve your level of photography.

Dress appropriately.

Comfortable clothing is certainly a must, but the first thing to do is to respect local cultural customs, such as some islamic areas requiring women to wear headscarves. In addition, when photographing wild animals outdoors, you can also make proper camouflage, knowing that the photographer doesn't have to always wear baggy pants and a boring photo vest.

Exercise anticipation.

In the early stages of photography, many people may not realize the importance of predictive power, but this may be true for some professional travel photographers. Few people can write out exactly how to enhance their predictive power, because unpredictable things can happen inadvertently, even defenseless. People always say how nice they are when they look at pictures, but they never expect the photographer to go through the process to make a good work. The two most important things to improve your anticipation are to look at the things around you and to learn more about them.

Don't display positive photos without permission.

During the trip, we have many opportunities to take pictures of foreign friends. We have already talked about how to communicate with people correctly. Then we will talk about the problems of using these photos later. In principle, try not to publicize the other person's face without the permission of the other party. Sometimes we can think about the problem from another Angle, and pay attention to the pictures on the back of some characters during the shooting, so that we can solve the problem well.

Enjoy your travel.

Photography is important, but the reason we travel is to enjoy the pleasure of travel. On the journey, we not only think of ourselves as a photographer, but also as a storyteller. Enjoy the wonderful journey, acrylic prints  australia not only with the camera to capture the beauty of the journey, but also to feel the heart.

8th May 2018

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