Take wonderful life photos quickly

Take wonderful life photos quickly

What should an unforgettable trip look like?

It must be full of excitement. There are scenes of sniffling beauty, as well as desirable fashion, or accidents, canvas prints even thieves who lose their luggage. You may not have known what to do at the time, but as you may recall later, those accidents turned out to be the highlight of your trip. Yes, travel is not afraid of accidents, the most afraid, is to meet boring.

The same goes for travel photos.

Wonderful photos are beautiful in their own way, while boring photos have one common feature. It's not fun to watch, canvas australia and it's hard to find an adjective to describe it. Can blunt say only, this is a junction, ah this is a fruit store. It's like a yawning-filled trip back to the hotel after a brief, sleepy tour.

So how do you avoid boring photos? It's not like the Eiffel Tower lights up behind you all the time. It's not like all your trips are in the stunning antelope valley or the Amazon jungle. When you are walking in the hometown of others, facing that strange but peaceful scenery, large framed prints how will you decorate your picture? I'll share with you some of the techniques I use.

One, plain is not equal to rambling, there needs to be a subject in the picture

You need to know in your mind exactly what you are shooting for. Objects can be as trivial as an apple, a tree, a chair,  but not without objects. Also, make it easy for someone to spot your subject at a glance and keep their eyes fixed.

A. fill the picture with the parts that catch your eye the most.

This is one of the easiest moves for beginners.

See, it's pretty simple. You want to shoot a blinding dusk, want to shoot a red flower green leaves of the tree, and want to shoot a covered face of the snow. If the lens is not wide enough, if you do not have confidence in the composition, if you do not want to include passersby a b c, then simply try full version of the composition, may have unexpected visual effects.

B. put the story you want to tell in the center of the story.

Central composition may not be the most brilliant, but it's something that beginners love to do. Speak directly and clearly about your shooting intention, and even plain pictures become powerful because of the truth.

Scattered in the sea, you are attracted to the green island; in a busy flea market, you fall in love with the dancing girls; the setting sun filled the dusk, and the grass was burning with golden light. Your eyes are caught in the vastness and squalor around you. How to make the audience have the same gaze? Center what you want to convey.

Try your best to show the truth

All the touches, all the infections, all the forces, rarely occur on a false picture. The real picture itself can exude a simple sense of empathy, giving the audience a sense of familiarity or deja vu at their fingertips.

The truth always falls in the fine point, falls in the life. Simple and unpretentious scene, also can because resonate and make a person produce reverie. This reverie is "boring" in the word, mentioned "taste". Here are some tips on how to make an unfamiliar landscape resonate with most people.

Take wonderful life photos quickly

A. the gentle embrace of morning and evening

No meandering scenery, the morning and evening itself is the most charming scenery. It is said that people in these two periods, emotional will be particularly abundant. We have all seen the twilight of the morning. Yesterday's dusk can take us back to the summer of years ago. Today's morning can remind us of the city once upon a time. Reality can send out feelers, and the resulting feelings, is so warm everyone's mood.

B. the simple look of life

Different cultures, different regions, different RACES, different colors, different habits, different tracks, but at the most subtle point, there are always similar daily segments. Those specific to specific life scenes, ordinary to ordinary daily trivial, are the most insipid and warm story in your photos. Because each of us, we are in such a trivial and fragment, day after day.

C. freeze those flowing moments

The foot walkers, the moving trains, the splashing, these are the familiar but unsightly scenes of life. The camera can freeze for you. Then the picture, at ordinary times perhaps just afterglow a sweep, but now vividly on the paper, unexpectedly added trifling move feeling and lasting appeal to insipid picture.

The scenery you take, take out, aluminum photo prints are the scenery in your eyes. It doesn't have to look like a local postcard. It just has to be complete and diligent enough to take a picture of your heart at the time.

28th Nov 2019

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