​The five most common shooting modes

​The five most common shooting modes

On the basis of being familiar with the camera and having enough patience, canvas prints is necessary to master certain shooting skills in order to be handy in shooting, and the quick response in shooting is trained in daily practice.

The basic shooting area of DSLR photography provides photographers with several common scene modes to choose from. In the process of initially mastering digital SLR photography, canvas picture prints we can make full use of several practical modes such as portrait, scenery and movement to shoot.

Take good portraits -- portrait mode

Portrait mode is more suitable for taking photos with people as the subject. In the process of portrait shooting, this mode has two advantages: first, modern wall art decor the DSLR camera will set a large aperture according to the specific situation of the selected lens in order to achieve the effect of blurring the background and highlighting the subject (in the process of shooting, the farther away the background is from the subject, the more blurred the background will look); The second is to use the photo style to adjust the photo tone and exposure, so that the skin more white and soft. In addition, according to the actual situation of portrait photography, many digital SLR cameras will automatically set the driving mode as continuous shooting in this mode, and the photographer will keep pressing the shutter, and the camera will continuously shoot the subject.

Make the landscape more vivid -- landscape mode

Scenery mode is suitable for shooting the vast scenery, night and other subjects. For camera Settings in landscape mode, the aperture value is large, and the DSLR camera will set small aperture according to the situation to achieve the purpose of large depth of field. If the photographer USES a zoom lens for shooting, the wide Angle end of the lens can make both near and far subjects focus, which is better than the telephoto end. In terms of picture quality, the scenery shooting mode can improve the sharpness of the picture, make detailed presentation of the details of the picture, and strengthen the colors of green, red, blue and other colors, so that the sky and trees and other objects are more vivid. In addition, although a larger aperture value is used, the ISO sensitivity is set to automatic and the camera automatically adjusts the sensitivity, so it is usually possible to shoot at the correct shutter speed.

Zoom in on tiny objects -- macro mode

Macro mode is a shooting mode used to shoot small objects. This mode does not have any special treatment in terms of tone, but the camera Settings are changed according to the subject. The aperture value will be adjusted according to the situation of the lens, and it will be set automatically from the minimum value to the middle area. Using such a setting can emphasize before and after the blur effect, make the focal part more eye-catching, can highlight the theme. When using this mode to shoot flowers, insects, food, ornaments and other objects, the photographer should shorten the shooting distance as far as possible and focus on the subject with the closest focusing distance of the lens. To zoom in on tiny objects, add a macro lens to enhance the effect. If you do not have a macro lens, you can also use the telephoto end of the zoom lens to shoot the main body.

The five most common shooting modes

4. Shooting high-speed moving objects -- motion mode

The sport mode is suitable for shooting running children, moving vehicles or fast moving competitive sports. With this mode, the DSLR will first track the subject with a central focus, and then track and focus the subject with other focus. At the same time, in order to solidify the movement moment of the subject, the camera automatically adopts a higher ISO sensitivity to ensure a higher shutter speed, and captures the instantaneous movement of the subject with the shortest exposure time possible. In addition, the motion mode also USES the continuous beat function, improves the ability to capture the moment opportunity. When the subject enters the picture, press the shutter buttons half to start autofocus. As long as the subject is in the frame, keeping the shutter button half pressed can track the subject's continuous autofocus. When the shooting is confirmed, press the shutter button completely and keep the pressed state, which will continuously shoot the dynamic moments and improve the probability of successfully capturing the best moment. In order to make the best use of these features, the photographer had better use a remote lens with anti-shake function to shoot.

5. Shoot both night scenes and people -- night portrait mode

Night portrait mode is a combination of night photography and portrait photography two different types of photography technology shooting mode, it is more suitable for outdoor dark light or night shooting portrait photos. When shooting, the camera will automatically turn on the slow flash synchronization function, the flash will illuminate the subject, and the slow shutter speed makes the background of the picture get natural exposure effect. In addition, in order to avoid low shutter speed, ISO sensitivity is set to automatic, the camera can automatically choose ISO sensitivity according to the surrounding conditions. If the photographer USES a zoom lens, using a wide Angle end of the lens further enhances the breadth of the night scene. In addition, the photographer should also use a tripod during the shooting at night to avoid mechanical shock or unnecessary shaking that may blur the picture.

13th Apr 2019

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