The matters needing attention for children's photography

The matters needing attention for children's photography

The matters needing attention for children's photography

1. Make good use of the function of digital camera.

Now digital camera is becoming more and more versatile, canvas prints should make full use of its unique function to enrich the fun of children's photography. For example, a lot of them have quick succession, which can help you capture the most precious pictures. You can take a close-up of a child's body with a macro function, or take a shallow depth of field, photos on canvas and use a manual white balance to create a warm and warm picture.

In addition, many cameras now have the function of digital video shooting, which can be made with post-software connection and recorded into VCD, which is also very enjoyable. It can also give voice comments to the picture taken, and it makes sense to use it flexibly. After the shooting, digital photos can be processed and saved using the computer, acrylic prints cheap or they can be sent for washing or printing. What are the precautions for children's photography?

2.Have enough love and patience.

Love and patience is the basis of good children's photos, children's emotional and behavioral inactivity, make their attention not endure, is difficult to grasp of the subject, it is hard to imagine the "posed" of children before the age of three. The child's feeling is sharp, direct, must truly like the child, want to make good children's photography works, and must communicate with the child attentively. On the other hand, the expression of children is varied, and the hands are always naive and innocent, and are born performers. Most of the pictures of children in the family should be taken in the snapshot. I object to having children go to the studio to photograph so-called "child portraits", most of which are too old or too soft.

3. Shoot anything at any time

What exactly can children photograph? In fact, apart from the regular head and bust, all parts of the body can be photographed, such as small hands and little feet, which are worth taking photos to commemorate.

The typhoon of the model is trained, the child also wants to shoot from the small, often clap, always clap, let him develop to see the lens is very natural, free of affectation, the habit of the gesture is generous. You can be a qualified professional family photographer. Shooting children should be aware of the timing of the shooting, because the beautiful scene is fleeting and let the children relax, to play, to be more natural and lively.

The matters needing attention for children's photography

4. Angle of change shooting.

Children's photos record the growth of the experience, should be multi-dimensional. Here "perspective" has the meaning of two aspects, one is the perspective of filming, when shooting at least three angles, and the perspective of children, while clap, standing high Angle, squat down, and even lying down on the back, she try to shoot more the change of the vertical Angle, and change of distance and the focal length of the lens, in addition to the whole body or big bust, also must have the features and vision, in addition to the use of telephoto lens, wide-angle lens is also available. It's like a movie with more scenes changing, more "life".

On the other hand is expression Angle should be rich children, most parents of children all picture is "smile" capacity, rather monotonous and stiff, the expression of children is rich, recorded his growth, to record his joys and sorrows, and this is the life. Shooting a smile, shooting a crying, shooting anger, also can shoot silent, staring, do strange image. Most of the smiling photos are normal, while a picture of a strange one may bring a "story" to the baby when he grows up.

5. There are taboos in children's photography.

Children's photography itself is difficult, and the Chinese taboo is also many. For example, children can't take photos when they are asleep, and there is a saying that it can cause children to have nightmares, especially in the elderly. Of course, there is little scientific reason for this. Children can take pictures when they sleep. Just be careful not to disturb the children. However, if there is an elderly person present, especially if your in-laws or parents-in-law are present, please do not take pictures to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

But one thing is must pay attention to, is the use of flash problem, from a medical point of view, the baby after birth to three years ago, the optic nerve system is not fully developed, bright light will cross-eyed adverse impact on the development of immune system. In filming, so try to avoid using flash, had better use natural light shooting, some fool type automatic camera, when the light is poor, will automatically activate the flash, must pay attention. A larger child may use a flash when necessary, but it is also best to use reflective patches or a soft light before the flash.

16th Apr 2018

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