To take a photo of your baby with a mobile phone

To take a photo of your baby with a mobile phone

To take a photo of your baby with a mobile phone

Children are like a natural magic of their own parents, canvas prints no matter what ordinary things, as long as they have a relationship with them, and give parents unparalleled touch and surprise, the shutter cannot stop. This is for my own experience sharing for those who want to help their children take photos.

I know many parents will ask the camera players the equipment they need, canvas photo prints and guess the large focal length lenses or DC. In fact, this is mainly because the shutter speed increased by the large aperture can reduce the dynamic blur caused by the insufficient indoor lighting.

Again, there is no best equipment, only the most suitable equipment for your needs.

I've taken too many pictures and I know exactly what I want. When you see a polar bear, a leopard, the brain itself will think of the exposure, aperture, shutter, ISO set, and the rest of the time to make a few different configurations. This is the reason why I don't need to take a single look at the children. I don't want to think about these problems. She is my child, not a bear or a model.

A person attaches great importance to the story behind each picture, and does not want to make his own child think of "how to make a beautiful piece of work", but "moving in the heart", so it uses a handset that is almost impossible to set. Without a variety of functions, it can be easy to capture children in life to surprise me (but also because the equipment is not good and cannot focus on the focus or blurred).

The second is the eye. I have spent too much time behind the computer and the viewfinder, and I don't want my child to grow through the viewfinder and the computer screen, but I don't want her to see my face because of the SLR. There is no such problem compared with the mobile phone.

To take a photo of your baby with a mobile phone

Most SLR lenses have a focal distance limitation, which usually falls above 50cm. I don't want to distance myself from my children, at least not because of the limitations of photography. That's my child. She will soon dislike such a sticky photographer's father. She can only have a very short time to interact with her.

The end is both hands. A person often holds a daughter, and when she holds her, he always feels that he is a great father and can hold the street with a lovely daughter, while the volume and weight of the single counter are really inconvenient and need to take care of the children's photographers. Children should be well aware that parents take long time to take turns and help each other to take care of each other, with a single eye that may affect the quality of parent-child time and indirectly increase the burden on the wife to take care of the child. Of course, some fathers are very strong, but I really cannot do it. The photos of this one are all taken by a mobile phone. These photos are not very technical, no art, news and sharpness and so hard to see, the map is almost free of free mobile software repair, I think a lot of mothers should be on the hand. But I think this picture is the most popular and the most live. Life is not perfect, perfect pictures do not live.

Postscript for mobile phone shooting skills:

The quality of the mobile phone will not be like that of the single player because of the use of the best player. I occasionally use the fixed focus, the full range of single lens and other equipment to shoot, but the proportion is not high.

For those who have been involved in photography, or who want to make very good photographs, the SLR not only provides the required shutter speed, the cleanliness of the picture, and all kinds of techniques, but the EVIL and the large aperture DC are available to the consumers between the SLR and the mobile phone.

It's perfectly reasonable for me to shoot wild animals with high-end photography equipment, large prints and some people shoot their babies with high-end equipment. This article does not mean that people who use the SLR do not interact with their children. They simply share the preferences and experiences of my own photo.

8th Jun 2018

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