​Use natural light indoors for food shots

​Use natural light indoors for food shots

Learn to use indoor natural light, canvas prints match a few appropriate props, even if you stay at home can also shoot by the rate of praise high masterpiece.

High - light delineated focus lens: creates a beautiful shallow depth of field

Indoor natural light, depending on the size of the window, the shooting time is different, have different strength, anyway, canvas prints australia if you can use more than an focal lens better for delineating the great light, on the one hand can guarantee the shooting in low light environment, on the one hand, also easy to take a pretty shallow depth of field, create a separate sketch photography the foreground of aesthetic effect.

As the position of the sun changes, the intensity and Angle of the light outside the window will have different effects. Take the opportunity to observe the light coming in through your window. When is your favorite or best time to take a photo? Or if there are multiple Windows in different directions in the home, large canvas prints choose different window lights to shoot according to different time periods and seasons.

Make good use of window edge elements such as curtains or blinds

The window of the home often can have the curtain of different kind to make collocation, some still can have special hang act the role of, can consider these elements to whether can make a few special effect when be being photographed? For example, when some curtains are closed, they can produce different color light, and the shadow cast by the light through the shutters also does not have characteristics, if the window has transparent color hanging ornaments, the shadow cast down will also be different.

Generally in sunny days under the sun for indoor shooting, white balance cannot be set into daylight mode, but if the color temperature tester, the white balance can be more accurate. Of course, there is no color temperature tester, you can also find a white object as the standard, to facilitate the RAW white balance adjustment. In addition, other mixed color of the light interference, as far as possible when in use of natural light outside the window, proposed to interior lights off, will natural light as the light source, can increase the depth of subject object or higher degree of the contrast effect, if the window is transparent colored decorations, to better use it cast down the colored light.

Use natural light indoors for food shots--

Learn to "adjust" the light

Although it is said that the natural light itself is "dead", but with the camera we are "alive", as long as some small means, can also "adjust" the natural light from the window. Can use the curtain to reduce light intensity for example, some friends can be used to add a translucent gauze curtain in the curtain, this gauze can be used to soften the light. But the most basic thing is to control the light with the exposure Settings in the camera. When shooting with a foot rest, the exposure can be controlled only by adjusting the shutter value. If shooting with a hand hold, the adjustment of perceived brightness can be combined to ensure the desired exposure effect within the safe shutter speed. If you find the light too hard and don't have the right window elements to take advantage of, try moving the object away from the window to make the light less focused on the subject.


If you think the contrast of the subject is too strong, you can also use white cardboard as a reflector, which is opposite to the direction of the light. By reflection, part of the light can hit the subject in the opposite direction, enhancing the brightness of the shadow.

Arrange the appropriate background

Although it is in the window to use natural light to shoot, but does not mean that the window must be in the mirror. According to the style that you want to build and atmosphere, aluminum prints choose the setting that suits, paper, cloth curtain, board to wait, it is the material that can use, appropriate collocation a few small things decorate, can let a picture richer and more interesting.

2nd Dec 2019

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