Use the light to take good scenery works

Use the light to take good scenery works

Light is the soul of photography, canvas prints to learn photography to understand light, light, grasp the use of light. In daily life, the most common light source is the sun, sunrise and sunset, the stars change, its rapid change, for our photographic creation to provide countless possibilities. The photographer can mobilize multiple lights to shoot, playing with the light in the palm.

This image was taken while waiting for the evening after I had selected a location in advance. The setting sun penetrates the clouds, canvas online producing vivid color effects that are reflected back into the paddy fields. The colorful effect helps to show the beautiful terraces.

Use the color of the light

It is not difficult for careful people to find that the color of the sun changes slowly from morning to night, morning and evening are warm red and yellow, split canvas prints and at noon it becomes white, and in the shadow and cloudy day, it presents a mysterious blue. In addition, in our side candle, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and so on all sorts of light source, also have different color.

The photographer can make full use of these colors when shooting to create a gorgeous picture. For example: in the morning and the evening glow in the sky color is abounded, can be used to increase college appeal. In the sunrise, sunset, there is a color effect is worth our attention, is in the sunrise, sunset before and after the direction of light, the horizon has a ribbon, very eye-catching, it can be taken into the picture to increase the color effect of the picture.

At sunrise and sunset, there are more orange and red components in the spectrum. When the sun rises, the color of the spectrum becomes white. On cloudy days and in the shadow of scenery, there are more blue and blue light components in the spectrum. In the same place, the camera will record different colors when the light is shining at different times.

As a result of color temperature is low, yellow, orange component in spectrum will be white birch forest "dye" become orange yellow, this and we see below normal light condition is not the same, warm attune is a kind of color exaggeration to white birch forest, have interest in a different way.

This image was taken on a cloudy day with scattered light and a color temperature of about 6000K. The blue and green components in the spectrum "dye" the birch forest into a bluish tone, which gives the birch forest a mysterious color.

Use the light to take good scenery works

Use the intensity of the light

The change in light is also reflected in the change in intensity. At noon on a sunny day, the light Angle is the largest and shines directly on the ground. At this time, the object will transmit a shadow on the ground. The intensity of the light varies greatly between the receiving side and the backlit side. And in the morning and evening light is weak, light than small, projection; The light is weak when the thin cloud covers the sun and cloudy day. The light ratio is small, and the projection is small or even no projection. In most cases, the light intensity and light ratio are not conducive to landscape photography. The photographer gets up early and goes to bed at night because the Angle of sunlight is small and the light is soft, which is suitable for the change of detail of the scene. Therefore, shooting should generally choose the light is weak, light ratio is small when shooting, so as to better control the contrast, to achieve a better shooting effect.

Note: in the case of strong contrast of light, you can use a gradient gray mirror to reduce the light ratio, or you can use a polar scope to compress the dark sky. Sometimes, when you can't have it all, you can only ensure the exposure of the subject is accurate, and the less important parts are discarded.

In the case of light intensity and light ratio, the color and texture of a good picture cannot be displayed, so I waited until the sunset to shoot, when the light of the crops is relatively small, the contrast is small, which is conducive to the expression of the texture and contrast of the scenery, so as to achieve the purpose of creation.

Use the direction of the light

The direction of light is very important for shooting. If you can stay in one place, you will find that the direction of light can make subtle changes to the scene. According to the light direction, we usually divide into front light, side light, backlight, floating frames australia high light and low light.

19th May 2020

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