Using cell phone to shoot portrait photography

Using cell phone to shoot portrait photography

Using cell phone to shoot portrait photography

Mobile phone is a very convenient tool, canvas photo prints now mobile phone photography function is getting stronger and stronger, many times we can leave the camera using a mobile phone to take picture of our ideas, don't even lose the camera. The loving couple, the young children, unintentionally passing by the good scenery, these are all the frame, canvas printing perth is I want to use the phone to freeze the image. I like to take pictures of people and landscapes, and some interesting compositions.

In the picture of man and landscape, I pulled away the face of the character and made it an abstract symbol. The composition and gestures to let the audience get more than the whole face emotional associations, ten thousand people at this time there are ten thousand Hamlet, how to interpret a photograph, everyone has their own ideas.

It is important to note that in this composition, I use the central composition method to put the main body in the center of the picture, and the proportion of the picture cannot be too much. The big scene need to pay attention to other than light and the direction, photographing is a buck for mobile phone, let's try to choose suitable light or side light, it is better to screen light than balance, but also to show the quality of mobile phones.

The best time to shoot a backlight is when the sun is low. For example, the above three photos are all taken with silhouette. When filming silhouette, you must pay attention to the overall environment clean, character should be put in the prominent position, the shoot or level, make the sky and the clean proportion more background of the picture.

Our mobile phone metering mode USES light measurement, so we choose the background to measure light when focusing, so that we can make a good silhouette. This can also be used in artificial light or nighttime environments.

Again and again, the soul of mobile phone photography is composition, because the depth of field of mobile phone is not enough, the picture quality is limited, so we need to take more photos of this big scene. The proportion of characters in this composition is the smallest, but what the characters are doing in the overall environment becomes an interesting interaction. For example, people who are walking in the sunset, such as those who ride in the fog, and those who stop in the unique shape of the building.

Using cell phone to shoot portrait photography

Photographers have said that photography is the art of lighting up. Light and shadow effect is the best way to render a picture atmosphere and express the intention of the picture. When the weather is good, everybody knows, use all means to use sunlight to make light and shadow effect. In fact, when the weather is good, the picture quality and camera are not too far away. We can make a unique picture by using the sunlight to make shadows.

And cloudy or indoor, ambient light tends to diffuse, relatively flat, this time we will apply the position of the window, because the location of the window light than most, easy to highlight the texture of characters.

Even where the light is very weak, some artificial light can be very interesting. For example, in the tunnel, the headlight hits the shadow on the wall, which is interesting because of the color addition.

Here we put a picture of the upper tunnel in front of the picture of the comparison and repair of the idea. The photos of my phone are usually made with VSCO software for color adjustment and fine tuning. The contrast between the previous and late periods is considerable.

These are typical portraits of people. The most striking thing about portrait photography is the language and body language, which is not so different from the camera. Looking for the most beautiful Angle, looking for the most moving eyes, looking for the most suitable pose, acrylic photo prints is the key.

If you have seen my camera work and guest according to, you can see I deal with mobile phone photography idea is a little different, I use the phone will be more focus on the ideas and artistry of a little bit stronger. The purpose is to make the picture more concise, easier to highlight the theme, and better to avoid the short. acrylic glass prints is a matter of personal taste whether to apply filter in the later stage and apply the filter, and I will do a lot of color processing for the works with formal portrait photography style. Other works emphasize the overall atmosphere. I hope you can find your unique style in your mobile phone.

10th Apr 2018

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