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Daily lesson:how to Care of Canvas Photo Prints
With care and handling your canvas print will last for many years. Here are a few tips on how to care for your canvas print.

Follow these Simple Steps

  1. Avoid displaying your print too long in direct sunlight or bright indirect un-UV filtered sunlight as well as fluorescent lighting. Sunlight and fluorescent lights both emit UV light which can fade and damage prints over time.
  2. If you must handle the print, don’t put pressure on the image, canvas is a fabric and will stretch or tear if care isn’t taken. Always hold onto the sides where the stretcher bars are located.
  3. Never attempt to rub the surface of the image with your finger or fingernail as this could scratch the surface of the print.
  4. Lightly dust your print with a soft cloth or duster on a regular basis to prevent any dust buildup.
  5. If necessary, gently wipe your print with a soft cloth that has been slightly dampened with water.canvas-prints-online.jpg
  6. Never use chemicals to clean your print. Your print has been treated with a UV protective coating that can break down if cleaned with chemicals.
  7. The canvas needs to breath, so don’t store prints in airtight containers such as plastic bags or behind glass. Moisture may become trapped inside causing damage to the image. Canvas experiences small, subtle shifts over time due to mild atmospheric changes, so it's best to display them to allow for natural airflow.
  8. It is not good for advisable to display your print where air pollutants, heat and high humidity can be of concern. Kitchens, bathrooms, or heat sources such as forced air vents and radiators should be avoided.learn more from custom canvas online blog for more infomation.
  9. If you have any questions about canvas prints carring,warm welcome to email us support@customcanvasonline.com.au or feedback to the facebook,thanks


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When you're looking to have your most prized photos printed, a lot of people will choose to have their photos printed on photographic paper and then they would place them in photo frames and hang them on there walls for there friends and family to see. But the really brilliant thing about having some canvas printing done from your photos is your not only having amazing looking works of art hung on your wall your also celebrating the photos that you have had printed to. When you have photos or images printed to canvas the photo itself looks a lot more vibrant in colour and with it being stretched over a real wooden frame it gives it an amazing 3D looking effect which makes the photo on canvas stand out even more which makes your canvas prints so unique appose to a normal photograph print.

The beauty of giclee canvas printsis that you can get any size you choose. If you have a huge wall you want to be splashed with color, choose a colorful print to create the picture. People are realizing the benefits of canvas printing to make special photos timeless. They are much more artistic than simply getting a photo enlarged because of the precise attention paid to the small details of each picture. Also, a top coat of lacquer is put on top of the canvas photo to give it a true feel of a painting.

Whether you are considering photo printing on canvas for yourself or for someone else, they really are a beautiful gift or addition to a home. The timeless quality of canvas printsthat you had designed is really a sight to be hold. It is one of the finest ways to take a picture and immortalize it. The print is something you will be able to pass down through your family through the years. Check out our various options or contact a customer service representative to create a specialized order for yourself. Don't miss out on creating your very own canvas photo.

Kids will love personalized photo gifts with their own pictures on them. They can find all of the pieces to their favorite pictures with a puzzle. Other gifts for kids: stickers, posters, pillowcases, teddy bears, licensed character plates, and night-lights.Printing on canvas gives your pictures a unique oil painting look. Canvas prints can help turn your pictures into wonderful wall art. You can even turn digital images into canvas prints. You can choose many different pictures and even add a date, border, or text. There are many options for canvas prints. You can hang them with or without a frame and the pictures can be printed in full color, black and white, or sepia tones. There are also many different sizes available. Canvas prints and your photos on canvas are perfect for any occasion.


gift.png Printing on Canvas Makes for Great Photo Gifts.
Are you looking for a unique and memorial gift? Put your favorite pictures to excellent use by creating custom photo gifts. There are many different options for everyone or for that special woman, man, or child in your life.All you need to turn your family pictures into a canvas photo gift are high resolution pictures. The picture you want to use must be clean, sharp and well-focused. The print orientation may either be vertical or horizontal, or even custom. There are also many sizes of canvas prints. It all depends on your choice and preferences. Printing photos on canvas are a sure way to keep these lasting memories around forever.Your Canvas photos also need maintenance. To keep your canvas photo prints always looking bright and beautiful, avoid using any material that is acidic; they can ruin the prints; do not expose the prints to direct sunlight; keep the prints dry and avoid dampness; and always use a soft cloth to remove dusts and elements from it.Canvas photos are part of the major things you need to give your home and office a great look; for a perfect gift to a loved one or family, and a creative way to remember good moments. The canvas photo printsdesign initiative keeps increasing. New ideas of the design are coming up every day as more people fall in love with this new digital naturalistic canvas printing method.
 Smaller family photos on canvas giclee can be similarly mounted without frame and glass and placed on islands and walls without worry. If you have an artistic landscape canvas photothe ability to have them printed on to large format canvas can allow for modern works of art, at a very reasonable cost. This format of photography also means that the finished product is lighter and easier to hang. With fine art photos on canvas we are finally enjoying all of our great digital photography that has been sitting on hard drives or small pieces of glossy photo paper. See more about photos oncanvas.                           photo-canvas-ideas.jpg


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