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NO.1 Question about order:

1.How do I place my order?

Just 3 steps easy ways can finish your order, upload your photo and choose the size, and place y our order.

2.Can I get a discount when I order my canvas.

Yes. Off course. We often running special discount from time to time. Just check out website and use our coupon code at check out, you can enjoy the discount.

3.When can I received my canvas?

Generally speaking, it will take5-7 business days from factory to your door when you received your canvas

4.Can I change my shipping address ?

Yes. Absolutely. Just contact us via email: support@customcanvasonline.com.au

5. If my canvas was damaged, what can I do?

We are sorry to hear that. even though we try our best to made your canvas arrives in a safe condition, but If damaged happen, take a picture of damage and contact us, we will made the reprint and ship to you as soon as possible.

6. Do you offer special discount to commercial customer?

Yes, we do. We have very good relationship with many large companies to fulfill their order requirement. You can contact us.

7. Are there any additional coast for my order?

No, you can totally rest assured. You just need to pay what the price you see.

8. Am I able to preview my canvas print before ordering?

Yes, if you have any requirements regarding your images you may leave us order notes when you place your order,then we will do it accordingly or offer a preview via e-mail.

9.I am unsure if my image can be printed and the size I want it?

If you have concerns about your image quality please email your images through to support@customcanvasonline.com.au along with the size in which you would like to the print the images and our designers can confirm them for you before ordering.

10.What file format do you accept?

Images that can be opened in Adobe Photoshop are all acceptable to us, such as PNG, JPG, PDF and TIF files

11.What is the frame thickness?

Canvas prints are stretched on frames with a depth of 3cm.

12.What happens if for any reason I am not entirely satisfied?

We so confident that you will be delighted with your canvas that we give a money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy. This means we will redo the canvas or refund your money.

13.I have changed my mind on sizing, cropping or subject can I change my mind?

If this happens simply email us immediately. If you contact us shortly after ordering we will most likely to be able to fulfill your requirements. However once we have started the canvas we cannot change anything.

NO.2 Question about image:

1.What size of image can make the best effect canvas?

The minimum size of your photo should be at least 200KB, the more clear of the image, the best effect of the canvas.

2.If I want to change the image that I send to you before, how can I do?

You need to contact us as soon as possible via email or chat us online, we’ll tell you how to send us a new image.

3. What’s the privacy policy about the use of my image?

You can totally rest assured, you always maintain all copyright ownership of any image you send to us. and we will never use your image in any manner rather than print them for you.

4.If my image can’t send to your website uploader, how can I do?

Just place your order without any images attached then contact us online or send your photo to the email: support@customcanvasonline.com.au

5.Will the color of my image change on canvas?

It won’t happened, if you worry about that, email us via: support@customcanvasonline.com.au we can offer preview to you.

6.How do I know if my image can be printed on canvas ?

Don’t worry about that, we will check it out and let you know if it is can be printed after you upload the photo.

NO.3 Question about shipping:

1. Where can I get the shipping tracking number?

When your order ships, we will email you a shipping notification email with the tracking number.

2.If I need my canvas by a certain day, how can I do?

If you need your canvas by a certain day, you can contact us at: support@customcanvasonline.com.au or you can indicate it in a note of your order, and then we can arrange a rush shipping for you.

3.What is the shipping option? Which shipping company do you use?

We only use the Australia Post. and it usually take 5-7 business days,.

4.How much do you charge for shipping?

$9.95 Per order for Australia wide. $19.95 per order for other country.

5.What is your delivery time?

We will produce your canvas and arrange shipping within 24 hours after received your payment.

6.Can I change my shipping address?

If your order have not been shipped, it may be change. But if your canvases have been processed, then it can’t be changed. So if you want to change your address, you should contact us soon at support@customcanvasonline.com.au

NO.4 Question about canvas:

1.What is canvas prints?

Canvas Prints is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas prints are often used in interior design, with stock images, or customised with personal photographs. Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.To ensure durability and quality, our canvas printing are done on artist quality canvas.

2.If the canvas size you offer is not the size I want, then how can I do?

Just contact us at customer support or email at: support@customcanvasonline.com.au , we can do the canvas size you want.

3.If I not happy with the canvas I received, can I get a refund?

Yes. 90days,No questions asked refunds

4.Do you print photo on other types of medium besides canvas?

Yes, of course. We can also prints image on acrylic and metal. If you need your photo prints besides canvas, just contact us.

5.Can I choose other color for photo borders other than black and white?

Of course you can. Just contact us, we will do it as your request.

6.Can I prints my photo into multi canvas of different sizes?

Yes, you can. Just contact our customer support or email us at: support@customcanvasonline.com.au . we can do multi canvas in different size at you want.

7.Does my canvas is waterproof?

Yes, absolutely. All the canvases we make are all with waterproof and UV-Protection and fade-resist.

8.What canvas do you use?

We only use 80%cotton20%Polyester canvas - no imitations! Our canvas weighs in at a massive 400 grams.

9.Are you canvas eco-friendly?

Yes, of course. We use the lasted Epson eco-friendly ink to ensure all the canvases we produce can fit in any sensitive indoor environment

10.Do you sell rolled canvas?

Yes, we do. just contact us at support@customcanvasonline.com.au

11.Will my canvas be ready to hang after it arrives?

Yes. Every canvas we make are all with stretched wooden framed, they all ready to hang on your wall.

12.How are you packed my canvases?

If it is stretched canvas, we will first packed the canvas wrapped in bubble wrap and then packaged within double strength cardboard. If it is rolled canvas, we will rolled it up and placed in a tube.

13.How long will the canvas last?What inks and printer do you use?

We only use genuine Epson quality inks and Epson Printer.These are guaranteed for over years and cannot fade color.

14.How do I clean my canvas?

The canvases are quite durable should resist most scratches, smudges, fingerprints, etc. You can dust canvases with a soft, dry cloth. If your canvas is damaged and needs deeper cleaning you may try a damp cloth. If the canvas gets nicked and loses ink in a certain areas it can be touched up with felt–tip markers or paint.

15.What’s the difference between Gallery Wrap and Solid Color Wrap?

Gallery wrap means the image is folded around the frame. Solid Color Wrap means the image stops at the front edge of the frame and the fold is color, this is a good choice if the subject of your image goes to the edges of the picture.

16.Can I have the canvas sent to another address as a gift?

Yes, no problem. Simply enter the recipient’s delivery address and we will post the canvas to them. No invoice or receipt is sent with the canvas.

17.Will my finished canvas look like the image on my computer screen?

Every computer screen displays images differently. Unless you have a profiled monitor, it may not display accurate colors. We always visually check that images look their best and do minor color-management at no charge to ensure a good print.

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