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Take humanistic photography


Take humanistic photography

Do you feel overwhelmed and intimidated when you first step into the crowd as a street photographer? The purpose of humanistic photography is to profile people's real expressions, behaviors and interactions. This article shows you how to take moving pictures through the lens of hang young’s documentary photography collection "to be a photographer, you have to start from walking slowly".

Keep smiling

You've probably experienced this: as you stand on the street with the camera ready to take a picture of the protagonist, the other person senses your intense, quiet pressure, turns his eyes on you, and an awkward feeling arises within you...

"It's not easy to shoot in the villages of gypsies in Eastern Europe," hang said in 2011, sharing a story about photographing gypsies in Eastern Europe. "It’s not easy to shoot in the villages of gypsies. . . The discovery of many underexposed scenes during the film development led him to believe it was evidence of current stage fright.

But here's what he learned: the effort to get a good picture, if it goes beyond the photographer's understanding, doesn't make the story on film The light meter's value is only a reference, and the most reliable and thoughtful way is actually to feel the breathing rate on both sides of the viewing window. Next time, find the lens of the protagonist looking back, you might as well out of self-confidence to release good intentions, try to smile to the other side, if you can, and the other side chat more two, may be able to build a friendship bridge oh!

2. Picture design

"Apart from focusing on light and shadow, the most difficult part of photography is distance. I don't mean 28cm or 135cm; I mean the distance between the feet and the story. - Zhang Yong

, some say, photography is a frozen world that at some point, but believe that Zhang Yong photography emphasizes the structure of the world when they met the past and the future what the corresponding adjustment, sounds very philosophy, it is about to illustrate the story, what do you want to try to draw in the brain via the scene, use your keen observation feeling around the rhythm, the connection relations between characters, please remember that you are the director to photos of conceiving a intriguing story for you!

Take humanistic photography

Wait patiently

In the bustling street, waiting for the moment when passersby start; under the tall buildings, waiting is a figure standing in front; Swing in the park, waiting for two long shadows... In humanistic photography, we are always waiting for the right scene and the right person. In that moment, we can take the picture that we want to convey. In this process, efficiency is probably the last thing to be examined. A roll of 36 negatives seems to be a world of its own, the moment the shutter is pressed is just a preface to a story, and the fateful struggle and struggle between memory and imagination call up a series of images.

"Efficiency is the most often overlooked word in the discussion of photography," hang said. "I can't say to myself, 'I'll be in the park for three hours in the afternoon. If this is an interest or a cause that you are willing to devote your life's passion to achievement, then the three hours/five "good pictures" myth doesn't bother you, because you enjoy a secret ritual that isn't truly humane.

Iv. Communication and observation

After a period of shooting, you may encounter some bottlenecks. At this time, reading more books and visiting exhibitions may give you different incentives. In ordinary times, you can communicate with photographers or browse the works of predecessors, and you can also get inspiration beyond your imagination. While studying in Prague, Mr. Zhang Shared that Viktor Kola, a professor of direction and a veteran Czech photographer, referred to the mystery of "oriental’s" in the east, arguing that "if you choose the right face, the drama of the photograph will naturally follow." Zhang young should also prove this sentence in the process of photography: indeed, the experience of these years of shooting in Europe has proved time and again that people have come to a certain age, their personality and mood, or that "inner expression" will more or less leave an imprint on the face.

The most unobtrusive yet intense drama in the life of the strangers at hand, that sometimes comes to a halt, sometimes a moment of unbridled fascination, is like the mystery of a play and the evidence that is forthcoming. Every time the shutter crisp sound is a reflection, remind yourself not to forget, continue to ask me where? What is the relationship with the world?

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