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​10 tips for getting a good picture of your family


10 tips for getting a good picture of your family

Even if you never take a family and a group also don't be afraid, honest, canvas prints direct tell them you are a beginner, I think they will actively cooperate with and take photos in return! Plan a little before you take a photo, which can be fun for you and your family. Here are 10 tips to help you get the shot done!

Use a tripod when necessary

May you find the tripod heavy burden, canvas prints online to stop you use your free casual style, in some cases maybe handheld work better (such as the running of the child or documentary photography), but things are advantages and disadvantages of each in a different way than just think about it.

Most people are nervous when taking pictures. Yes, nervous! Some people are so scared, some even go so far as to say "hate taking pictures". So, it's part of your job to soothe your subjects and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

However, it can be difficult if you are nervous about the job, especially if you are new to portrait photography. At this point, placing a camera on a tripod shows one of its big advantages, two to be exact.

The shape on the grass is suitable for families with children. The family did not need to correct their posture, and the children's lying on their parents added to the fun

(1) you will naturally slow down: this is a good thing. You can check the equipment, composition and exposure to make sure everything is safe. Usually up to the camera at present is that we started to get carried away, missed a lot of key details, then I found that either we adjust the white balance wrong, or iso 6400, or accidentally used low quality JPG format. Don't worry, slow down and avoid mistakes.

(2) can your eyes from the camera to leave, to make people make eye contact: they are real people, look at the camera than staring at you may make them nervous, you can use some gestures or make faces to attract children's attention. All in all, interacting with the subject gives you a better look than looking at the viewfinder.

2. Shoot in manual exposure mode

Let's say you've arranged everything, carefully chosen the time and place, and everything is under control. Once arranged, this means that the exposure value cannot be changed easily.

But if you use aperture priority or shutter priority, the exposure will be slightly adjusted depending on the composition because of the meter. You don't want this to happen! So consistency is important.

Inconsistent exposure increases post-processing, and you must align all images. This can also lead to minor color changes, increasing noise (in the case of insufficient exposure) and other adverse effects.

Maintain consistent exposure throughout the shoot using manual mode. Remember to check the exposure every time you change position or position. I'm going to take a quick shot and then I'm going to go over the histogram, and I'm going to adjust it if necessary and then move on.

3. Locking focal length

As you don't want to every figure transformation exposure value, you also don't want to frequently adjust focal length, assuming that you have mastered the first point, which is using a tripod, so that you will not be moving. Or if you have a relatively static position for the subject, you don't have to move, you don't have to move at all, you don't have to move at all, you don't have to move at all, you don't have to move at all, you don't have to move at all.

10 tips for getting a good picture of your family

Set your camera to use focus lock or manual focus. All of the above methods can avoid changing the focal length of different photos. If you use shutter focus, once someone moves a bit, the focus will fall on the background, another accident! If you're still not sure how to use it, ask your camera's guide for help.

Special tip: if your camera has video recording, manual focus is much simpler. Open the live view, you will see on the screen image, zoom in, so you can clearly see what is the focus, for the most accurate manual focus, and then return to the standard image, switch off the live view.

4. Arrange subjects' heads in staggered rows

Maybe you've never heard of this rule, and you're not even sure what it means. In fact, what you need to do is to avoid the appearance of rigid lines in the picture, that is, a row or a vertical row of neat heads, oblique lines can make the picture more dynamic and interesting. Apply this technique to your group photography!

Imagine that there is a line between each face and the other, and position those lines so that they don't cross or lie on the same horizontal line. Using diagonal lines instead of column structures, you can take folding chairs and arrange for some people to sit down. Some people are standing while others are sitting. If you don't have a prop, at least alternate the subject by height.

Relax and bend parts of your body

Girls do better than boys, elbow bending helps a lot, and some people are stiff, so be ready for the challenge and be at your best!

This is the general rule in character photography, and it's definitely a good way to do it. When you pose for them, people tend to dress up and stand stiff, so they should bend parts of their body to look more natural. No one stands naturally like a plank. Here are some specific tips:

Transfer your body weight to one foot and raise your hips on the other side, keeping your camera at arm's length. With one hand in the pocket, I generally recommend sticking your thumb out, or they'll stick their whole hand into the bottom of the pocket, looking just as unnatural. Hook your finger around your belt or belt buckle. Lean forward and sit with your weight on the side of your hips. Stand with your feet crossed and your toes pressed down. Sit with one leg up and your feet flat on the floor

Have you mastered the above? The best thing you can do is show them what you want them to do, and show them what you want them to do.

Let the children be themselves

I find that many parents tell their children, "listen, smile! . It's too much pressure for children to perform, and I usually advise parents to tell their children that we need to take some pictures in the park. It's fun.

Yes, don't explain anything except "fun". Be prepared to bring props and a favorite toy or book. Usually, I bring a puppet or a bubble - blowing game along with the equipment.

If children don't want to sit down and smile, don't force them to wait until they're playing around for a while. Play with them as much fun as possible so they can sit with you for a few minutes.

When I take pictures of my children, I often self-destruct, make strange noises and sing (I'm really not good at singing, but what does that matter?). Make faces, play hide-and-seek on the back of the camera, run around the camera with a puppet, and even lie on the ground and pout your butt.

In fact, children are the people who really understand life, it is our adults who have ruined it. Let the children be themselves! Let them play and shoot when the time comes.

Help them look good

My flash didn't work, so this photo was taken directly by the camera, which was not my first choice. But we're all tired, so it's fun to try. Notice that? Dad's face was brand new!

This is the bottom line -- if mothers look fat, they won't be happy with the pictures no matter how perfect the lights and expressions, so do it.

Here are some tips for understanding what people think is a defect and helping them overcome it:

If the subject is fat, don't let them get too far from the camera and use a wide Angle lens.

For double chins, shoot from a slightly higher Angle than the eye level of your partner, letting them look up, stretching as far as possible, and minimizing the chin and neck area.

If the subject's face is facing the same side, the nose will be highlighted, their face will be observed, and the most appropriate Angle will be found.

Allowing a man (the taller one) to stand with his or her legs apart when the couple's height gap is large can make him or her look shorter and narrow the gap.

For obese people (or the person that is particularly sensitive about their weight), can choose to let them on the lawn, let baby against them, and this model can achieve good results every time. Hide your tummy and stretch your chin, so that the children are about the same size as they are because they only pat their faces

Lighting is key

Lighting can make or break a photo, and it's no exception in the shadows. Another way of saying "photography" is "light painting". The most important thing in character photography is to make sure the subject has light in his eyes. This is a big topic, and there are many ways to do it, but there are still rules to follow to make lighting perfect.

Choose the best time of day! An hour before dusk is the ideal time for portrait photography. Because the sun falls just below the horizon, without the glare of the midday sun, the light is more directional and diffuses in the presence of mist.

If you're not shooting at dusk, look for shadows. Keep the subject away from the sun and make sure the background light isn't so bright, because bright background light can steal the shot. Try to shoot in the shadows of large buildings or trees.

Avoid shooting on a cloudy day, where the light is softer than on a sunny day, but the direction is worse. The light of cloudy day is direct from the head shoot, can cause eye ministry darker, especially to the person with deeper eye socket.

Use a mirror or flash lamp when necessary. It needs to be emphasized that this is another kind of light, the face needs to be replaced by light remember to use. If the person in the picture lacks eye light, it means there is not enough light on the face

Just as important as eye light is the direction of the light. We have stressed that do not advocate the head light and direct light from the camera, so the camera's built-in flash is not can provide you with good light, even in top mounted camera flash also cannot achieve good results. Light from the camera's direction makes the character more monotonous, which is not what we want. Shine from the side, preferably 30 to 45 degrees away from the camera.

Facial expressions are everything

If lighting is the key, then expression is everything! If you accidentally mess up the lights or the look, but you can make the subject laugh is a huge success. What should you do?

Being a photographer means you should be a good comedian or clown at the same time. Sometimes you will encounter tough adult, standing at the edge of the brick wall, dad is always the same expression, I have already took pictures of thirteen years for the family, each other are very good friends, so you can make fun of him, active the atmosphere.

If you have a child or a baby, be sure to get their attention. It's even better to have an assistant. But it's often the case that it's not easy to get children's attention and make them smile, but what are the adults doing? Look at the child! Oh, my god! I often tell adults, "look at me when I make you laugh. Don't look at the kids."

Have fun and spice things up

A final piece of advice is to stop taking yourself too seriously and end up with some wacky shots (or when you're tired). Let everyone crowded together, as if to crush flat, just as everyone laughed happily ready to separate, remember to snap! Getting people to fold up on the grass, jump in the air together, 2 Photo Collage on Canvas or make faces (and you too) can help break the tension and relax.

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