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Are you looking for large canvas prints? Custom Canvas Online is Australia unique professional canvas manufacturer who can provide you large format canvas prints with various sizes and styles,most importantly,our price is reasonable with high quality. If you order with us, we will make you 100% satisfaction.Start Order Now

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Rolled Canvas

 3cm Framed

 4cm Framed

90x120cm $327.81  $113.36 $147.95 $196.13
100x150cm $994.24 $152.03 $225.44  $310.72
120x180cm $1545.04 $220.72 $331.48 $463.54
125x250cm  $2162.25 $309.01 $563.85 $648.95
150x200cm $1988.48 $294.06 $461.5 $596.54


If you need custom sizes, please contact us via live chat or email (support@customcanvasonline.com.au)

 make large photo canvas prints factory

Almost everyone feel that is a problem for home decoration´╝îespecially when it comes to the living room,Europeans and Australians tend to choose some large decorative canvas photo prints.As the livingroom is a place for occasion,we must chose the canvas prints carefully.Choose well, both played parlor furnished dotting effect, but also demonstrates the owner's demeanor and literacy.Living room decorative painting is recommended to choose the large size to demonstrate tolerance as well as considering personal preferences.Livingroom size directly affects the size of decorative canvas prints. For large living room decorative , you can choose the size of a large format canvas prints, creating a wide, open field of vision environment.European-style living room decorated for example, are generally more elegant retro atmosphere, and this time should be chosen large canvas prints to decorate. Under normal circumstances, corridors and balconies will choose large size printing canvas to decorate and if you want to print a copy of the national map in to canvas, the large size are more appropriate.


How to select a large size canvas print photo.
As canvas prints a part of living room decorated, when chose the size,it must be matched with other decorations.Generally choose the size of the living room canvas wall prints based on three main principles: the size of the living room, living room style and living room decorative objects.Here's size ratio can be calculated based on the golden ratio, with the width and height of each wall multiplying 0.618 to calculate the best canvas size.Designers recommend generally 20-40 square meters room, chose single large canvas size to 90 × 120 cm is appropriate.Larger the room area,the greater the format canvas prints.