​7 photography Lessons from my trip to Europe

​7 photography Lessons from my trip to Europe

Last year, I went on a photography trip to Europe. It was a long journey, and I used almost every means of transportation invented by man: plane, train, boat, subway, taxi. I took one. In the rain, I trudged through heavy bags, weighed down by tripods and cameras. In England, I've hiked along motorways to Stonehenge; In Paris I have sat in silence in my little hall; In Venice, I walked along one Canal Bridge after another. Every day, I record what I see, what I feel, and capture the moment on camera that I want to keep.

My guess is that if you're a wedding photographer and you spend your days maintaining old clients, developing new ones, and making photoshoots and photo albums, you don't have much passion for photography. On this trip, I forced myself to slow down and enjoy photography again.

I would like to share with you my experience in Europe:

Meeting the perfect moment sometimes requires patient observation and waiting

The sunset over the Eiffel Tower is magnificent. But just as we were about to leave, I ran back to enjoy the view, where dark clouds at night cast a canopy over the brightly lit tower.

2. The best moments in your life are worth keeping the world quiet

In the Old Castle of Angers, my friends and I went from room to room looking for beautiful pictures. In this small auditorium, I sit on the floor when everyone else has left. I knew I wanted to capture the light and shadow that the sun cast on the walls as it hit the stained glass. And I couldn't finish it until everyone left.

3. Everyday sights are inspirational

It may not be the grand sight that is most inspiring. Sometimes being a photographer is more about showing people the usual things in new ways. Many people go to places of interest, but few notice the beautiful corners around them. Like the bench in the picture. I like benches. The solitude of the dust moved me.

7 photography Lessons from my trip to Europe

5. Be prepared for emergencies -- but don't push the button too hard.

I snapped this sunset from the cliffs of Dover, just in time to miss the last train. The longer we waited, the less time it would take us to run back to the station a few miles away, but the longer we waited, the more glorious the sunset became. I have to admit, we never expected such a strong color.

6. Life is art, but we often forget it

At Oxford, every eye can be painted. But I realized that in a strange environment, I was still deliberately looking for material. I was walking along the Oxford Canal behind this woman when I was struck by the sight of her walking along the path she used every day, walking in the beauty. So I like this piece.

There is always beauty waiting to be found around us

During the trip, I went to many churches. This is definitely my favorite photo shoot of the trip. In the middle of a magnificent cathedral is this secluded cabin. The scene is so beautiful that every time I look at the picture I am drawn to it again.

Ultimately what I've learned on this journey boils down to this: an artist has to be intentional. Throw yourself into the creative process and the inspiration and beauty you can capture is endless.

6th Jul 2020

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