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​7 reasons for why do you black and white photos


7 reasons for why do you black and white photos

Black and white photos mainly rely on the effect of light and contrast to reflect, occasionally doped with some other color rendering atmosphere. For black and white photos, the higher contrast to express the vicissitudes of life. Low contrast, light is suitable for shooting beauty, while the old man is suitable for high contrast and hard light beat. In addition, the black and white photography has high requirements for attachment, it need a variety of filters and polarizing effects to enhance. For example, with a green filter is more suitable to mention bright color, polarizer in black and white scenery film used to darken the sky.

Very black, very white, so there is the ultimate expression of purity. It eliminates the influence of color, to rely entirely on the object to express the relationship between the dark, seemingly the most simple, but in fact is the best embodiment of the composition and creative performance, grasp the super performance.

7 reasons for why do you black and white photos art

1, remove the interference of color

The biggest different between black and white and color photographs, respectively, of course, is the existence of color. Color is one of the important information, express picture meaning but if color is too cluttered, it will become a visual noise interference viewers.

2, make you pay more attention to the change of the light

No color, make you more to look at the interaction of light and shadow, the direction of the light, strength, quality of a material (soft and hard light) and so on. Among them, the Asian photographers ho fan is good at with black and white photos show light glamour photography masters.

3, emphasis on emotional expression

Black and white photos make eye, fine lines, facial movements and expressions to show content more carefully and clear.

4, the lasting value of black and white photographs

Lack of color information, and let the audience more difficult to judge photos of timeliness, also not the feeling of fall behind, because black and white photos as if it is to belong to the past, will not reduce its value because of the time.

5, highlight shapes, lines, patterns

Black and white tonal make the shape of the environmental topics, lines and patterns can be more distinct.

6, highlight color of skin, face

Black and white portrait will not be interference by makeup, presents the main body of the original appearance, skin texture, etc.

7, let you pay attention to the composition

Without the distraction of color contrast, make photos can mean through smooth shadow and interaction between the main body structure.

7 reasons for why do you black and white photos painting

Color photos of course, also have its own characteristics: some image information with color cannot express, such as shooting the flag and so on. So, black and white and color photographs have distinguishing feature each, also there is no conflict, digital photography now let you at any time can be taken in interaction between black and white and color photos, why don't we make free with the convenience feature, to explore the two photos.