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​Achieve different animal’s photographs in different natural light conditions.


Achieve different animal’s photographs in different natural light conditions.

Usually, in the shooting of the animal body, the animal does not like building that has remained static, therefore, in the shooting of the animal, the animal needs to seize the "dynamic", especially in natural light, we need to choose some light shooting them. Today from the angle of the light, natural light in different conditions understand, animal what will be different results.

Shooting with high speed shutter when the light is enough

in the shooting of the animal, the most important is to shoot the animal "dynamic". For example, they run, jump, fly, play sports scene. This means that the need to ensure that the appropriate shutter speed, so as to ensure the animal subject photographs clearly. Usually, the light will choose more adequate weather shooting in outdoor natural animal light.

In order to ensure the shooting activities, focusing more accurately, also need to set the appropriate camera automatic focusing mode. Using the Canon camera, can be set to auto mode. AI Servo AF, using a Nikon camera, can be set to auto mode and continuous Servo AF.

Achieve different animal’s photographs in different natural light conditions.

Under the light, the animal fur is more lustrous

from the light direction, we will choose the suitable light angle, backlight angle, backlight, shooting angle of the side light. The final picture has its own characteristics, smooth light shooting; light angle is more commonly used. Natural light direction and the camera direction at the same time, animal hair photos more luster. Hair color details can get more detailed performance.

Shun animal hair photo in almost uniform light, rarely appear light changes, which makes the photographs lack of stereo feeling in a certain extent. So it is best to think of some way in terms of composition, enhance the image stereo feeling, such as can arrange appropriate foreground. Using diagonal composition, make the picture not too monotonous. In the light angle on the grass dog, can choose the grass as the foreground, so the screen space can be enhanced.

To show the quality of animal hair light environment

The so-called light environment, in simple terms, is refers to the main body between natural light and camera shooting position is backlit. Usually, we will be referred to as the backlight and backlight.

The shooting of the animal with the backlight angle, animal contour in natural light. There is a clear outline of light shooting; hairy animal contour light is most obvious. For example, shooting the pet cat at the negative side angle, cat hair will form a ring of bright yellow. Use the backlight angle of animal when will appear obvious silhouette effect, such as shooting birds in the air of the sketch. Note that the light angle shot to try to avoid the camera directly to the sun, so that the sun light damage to the camera.

Adding exposure compensation makes animals not dirty

in the zoo or animal street shooting, will find the most animal dirty. So beautiful is not what we see on TV, in the shooting these animal, to make pictures in the animal looks clean and tidy, need to use some skills, such as increasing the exposure compensation. So a slightly overexposed pictures, so you can make the picture look bright and clean, but also need to pay attention to, over exposure should be moderate, not blindly in pursuit of an animal's body clean, so that the photo is missing too many details, photos that the small amount of information.

When zebra is photographed in the zoo, the picture is exposed to normal or slightly exposed; the zebra's body is somewhat dirty. With the increase of exposure compensation, the picture is much brighter, and the zebra appears cleaner

Highlight animal subject by using large light ratio

the use of natural light to shoot the animal, can be photographed by the scene of the shooting light, looking for some light obvious scene. Is the animal on a very bright place to make animal metering, normal exposure, due to insufficient exposure while showing a dark black, thus highlighting the animal body, and create a unique atmosphere. By contrast the shooting of egrets, in chiaroscuro body can be more outstanding.

The bright colors of butterflies and other animals

during the filming of colorful animal selection along the angle of light, in order to maximize performance of animal bright colors. In adequate illumination environment using macro lens to shoot the animal, can be both smaller insects, such as dragonflies, butterflies, can also be a larger animal, such as a cat and so on.

The light is sufficient; the use of medium macro lens aperture of the animal's eyes, open composition gives people more imagination. Note that using a macro lens when shooting, especially during the filming of local feature or insects, try to choose a medium aperture, to ensure adequate depth in the picture is clear enough to the details of the performance, that is to say, using a macro lens when shooting, try to choose the light time environment.

The light is sufficient, using a macro lens to capture insects, select a smaller aperture can make the picture more clear some details, and insects can get the clear show.