Capture a photo with a story

Capture a photo with a story

Capture a photo with a story

Some people say that will capture more real, canvas prints this time with my experience to talk about capturing skills, I think the "capture" is not only with speed to win, not entirely random event, but a "premeditated". Want to capture a photo has a story, these basic literacy cannot little: observation, judgment, waiting, capture, the most important still is to use pictures to tell stories, so there are "premeditated" snap.

According to the relative relationship between the photographer and the subject, the theory of my own creation can be divided into static beat and dynamic beat.

1.static beat

Definition: the location of the photographer or equipment is fixed and the subject is moving.

Point: patience can squat, can wait!

I like take some pictures of casing, choosing appropriate scenario, determine the surrounding environment and traffic, idea want to picture in my mind, adjust good shooting Angle, the rest is enough patience to wait. It may be a car or a person who needs to wait, which is all about the initial conception of the picture, or some unexpected appearance. Therefore, the background of the picture is basically fixed, and the main body is random.

2.moving beat

Definition: the photographer and equipment are mobile.

Main points: learn to predict, judge, practice reaction and speed.

This is most often the case when I am on a moving car to catch a passing pedestrian or scene.

If the filming, my position is fixed, it is easy to take these images, the key is I move in as the train, and the scenery outside the window and the object are also relative displacement, so the variable factors should study a little more. Generally this kind of situation, I will "look", first is to look ahead as it travels scenery, if meet like scenery, will be quick to judge, by the scene in the proper position, and will quickly press the shutter. Both static flap, flap, belong to a camera with prepared to take in your hand, and sometimes some of the more accidents, a flash screen will make you want to record, this is about to test judgment and speed.

Capture a photo with a story

3.Let the picture speak

With the basic skills of capturing, how can a photo tell a story? The key is to capture the most moving moments, but never to ignore them. Because it's a snap, the Angle is less adjustable, but a good shot allows the photo to tell a story vividly. When I tell a story with a single snapshot, I usually use a vision or a small panorama. The environment, the background, or the supporting and rendering environment can contrast the main body. Close-up or close-up shots are used for subtle capture, and if used properly, a single shot can hit the heart. I seldom use this in practice. First, I don't have enough focal length of the lens and can't shoot the main details too far away. Second, the requirements for observation and judgment are very high, and the slow response will be missed.

Actually, in the end, it still requires more practice. I also made a lot of bad movies and bad movies. Two cars at that time, when I react to shoot them, already could not grasp the complete picture, but the look was the wind up the small vest of hair and standing man also pretty interesting. My love for humanity even felt like I had found my soul. Observation is an art of life, and I feel the warmth and cold of the world's people. Shooting humanities is something that will last a lifetime. I am also continuing to learn and try new breakthroughs.

1st Jun 2018

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