Do make good minimalist photography

Do make good minimalist photography

Do make good minimalist photography

Minimalist photography has been around for years and it's been around for a long time. There is a reason for it to catch fire. First of all, canvas prints the picture is clean and there is no extra interference to disturb the viewer's vision. On the other hand, the extremely simple elements screen colors on another level. The simple color matching makes colors have more impact in the picture. Minimalist photography has thus become one of the styles of many photographers. In daily life, they will always look for space to take simplified content.

And minimalism is not a new thing, cheap canvas prints in any art form, including sculpture, painting and soon have the concept of minimalism, although fewer elements, but this does not mean that minimalism is easy to manufacture, on the contrary, it more need you to use finite element to shape the content of the infinite space, on some level more embodies the art of a creator.

That called minimalism, keyword "Jane" means extremely clean, not doping, elements in the picture should have its practical use, even though we know it is difficult to achieve in the real world, as far as the eye can see us, always will inevitably appear such as interference, late unless use way, otherwise it is difficult to achieve real "minimalism". So, how to shoot minimalist work effectively? Probably every photographer who wants to photograph this type of photographer has to think about it.

And any photos, stories are pictures to be spread to the most important things to the audience, in a minimalist photography, you want efficient as far as possible to tell the story, so means to have a clean background, appropriate negative space and clear topic. It is believed that no one wants too many disturbing elements in the picture to disturb the narrative of the story, so as to introduce the audience's perspective into another inexplicable direction.

Keeping the background clean, whether through the virtualization process, pure color or simple texture, can easily eliminate unnecessary interference.

Do make good minimalist photography

In landscape photography, the use of negative space is needed, both experienced photographers and artists, all on their own images of deliberately to keep part of the space, this part of the space without any decoration, can be completely black, also can be fully bright, although the space and humble, but for foil theme has important effect. As for the picture surrounding the mountains, the clear blue sky is an obvious negative space, and part of the blue sky will set off the magnificent beauty of the mountains.

In portrait photography or still life photography, using large aperture is one of the consequences of the subject is to create a shallow depth of field, the theme of blur, whereas others completely isolated between the subject and the background, the formation of the space of two mutual noninterference. Although the picture is blurred, it does not blur the theme, but saves the subject from the disturbing elements in the background.

Build another minimalist photography is the most important element is color, through the use of color to create contrast, in a simple picture, mutual collocation, use two or three color and highlight them in the image in order to improve the image of the appeal.

In most of the time, the minimalist photos always tend to use large tile color to establish a simple, but you still need to know about the color, explore the effects of different color collocation, is to create a harmonious, or to create conflict. Then, depending on the nature of your theme, choose the right complementary colors to enhance your theme.

If it is black and white, we should pay attention to the proportion of black and white in photos, the contrast between black and white, and the role of gray tone in works. Minimalist photography is usually the picture is very simple, the photographer trying to use the simple element (point, line, face) to lead the viewer into the right direction, in your work, any element may be will guide the audience's eyes, so more need to reduce the number of elements to describe the story in the photo.

Element in our daily, "line" is everywhere, whether in the outline of buildings, or an extension of the road, or a distant horizon, is "line" elements exist in the normal course of space. But precisely because they are visible, so it is easier to appear inevitably interfere with the line of sight in the picture, the composition, should analyze images of the "line", "line" of the image should not be away from the viewer's eye to the main body, or any outside but outside the framework of the actual destination.

Texture also can be a powerful performance elements in photos, due to the minimalist limited language space, texture and is often used as the theme, and they often take the form of repetitive patterns, convey to the viewer content, including emotions, including light, including the darkness.

As a photographer, want to improve yourself is the only way to continue to attempt to shoot continuously to think, such ability in your creation, accumulate over a long period of innovation makes you attractive.

Although minimalism is still very popular today, most people's minimalism is just a simple content in the background of a picture, collage canvas and it cannot effectively express the theme and emotion. Emotion is the soul of photography, and the theme is the focus of a photographer's creation.

19th Jun 2018

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