​How to captures the key links and scenes of wedding photography

How to captures the key links and scenes of wedding photography

A set of good wedding photos must be beautiful and unforgettable, with emotions, stories, details and moments, and it's better to be unique. But the reality is that we often don't do the right thing. How to capture the main thread in a large and mixed wedding, perform well and record the memorable moments? It is important to hold key links and scenes. Let us follow the photographer up human’s camera and walk into the six main scenes of the wedding day, and see the key points and difficulties of each link.

The preparation time before the ceremony is relatively abundant. At this time the couple and their family, friends, often the most emotional and natural. When the makeup is almost finished, it is the best time to capture close-up portraits of the bride, as she has adapted to the shooting and is more relaxed in the face of the camera, often capturing the beauty of natural radiance. Bold bride, can try to photograph private room before the wedding dress, the moment of marriage, wearing the sexy of the veil is particularly memorable.

The window is a perfect place to shoot portraits of people. Natural light is real, soft and persistent, ensuring maximum retention of the real atmosphere at the time, and the picture is simple and hierarchical.

Girlfriends photo is generally after the bride portrait, then can obtain natural joy by heuristic capture moments, prior to inspect good environment, living room, dressing room, the sitting room can serve as the location, special attention should be paid to characterize the environment light source fixed and variable light sources, such as curtains can, what are the lamp room, what is the color temperature, and then based on these to confirm the reservation and place as the fill light.

How to captures the key links and scenes of wedding photography

The couple first saw the couple, and the scene was festive.

Marriage is a special part of Chinese wedding ceremony, often the atmosphere of this time is the most natural and cheerful. Try not to disturb them in the process; the shooting method can only be captured.

Note that the primary environment is usually in the bride's bedroom space is relatively small, and participate in large number, prior to communicate good processes and methods, good light, Angle, and character positioning, so as to enhance the approach on the accuracy of the predictions.

Shoot, tilt and interweave, and combine with different focal length lenses, interesting composition style, and show the hilarious moment and moving pictures. If time is ample, you can also shoot some wedding dresses for the couple, highlighting the story and the sweetness.

When a wedding car is delivered, it is easiest to capture the emotional moment between the bride and her parents. The bride sit in your car, hard to avoid can mood complicated, parents will be in front of told her daughter, bless the hug, hold hands, happiness, goodbye, all of these are precious moments, the sensitivity of the test for the photographer to picture as well as the ability to improvise. The car itself is a closed small environment, at this time, the Windows and inside is loaded with strong emotions, how to grasp the key moments, and appropriate "guidance", is crucial.

Sometimes give a gentle reminder that the mother can hug her daughter and shake hands, leaving the rest to be captured by various angles. The key is not to overdo it, but to grasp the "degree".

The couple spends a lot of time and energy, inviting the professional team to design the banquet hall, often in the wedding photos, the portion is very low. During The ceremony, all attention was focused on people's emotions and movements, so why not take a couple of "stage wedding photos" for the couple before the ceremony? The girl, dressed in a beautiful bridal gown, is about to become the happiest bride in a delicate field of cloth and beautiful light. Time is extremely limited, and it is necessary to quickly adjust the light, position, composition and attitude.

As the climax of the wedding process, the photographer is in a full documentary film. It is very important to make sure that the division of labor is very important.

At this time, both environmental portraits and emotional features are needed, and wedding photos with emotions and plots are often more appealing. The wedding as an event or story, different Angle of view, try different JingBie, grasp some critical moments, and people can show real emotions, and use that to series out of the whole story, will enhance the appeal of works.

Complete replacement ceremony essential important link, especially the transition link father, as well as the picking exchange rings, oath, kiss, hug, parents, such as time, then please and don't give up, tears and smile too intertwined.

How to captures the key links and scenes of wedding photography1

For wedding photography, there are a lot of photos in the day, while in the spare time before and after the ceremony, you can shoot some pictures of the wedding day. The natural outpouring of affection cannot be expressed in words. There is no specific requirement for the photo shoot at the wedding, so long as the time is reasonable, any environment can be created. The wedding photos or photo of this and in The traditional sense is different, have a best man and The maid of honor to participate in, much of The fun of an interactive, The picking is in a state of relaxation, it is easy to capture The mood lively, natural, interesting moments.

The photographer should make full use of every environment and time of the wedding day to record as many memorable moments as possible for the couple. Compared with traditional wedding photos, the picture taken on the wedding day is more memorable for the couple. This requires the photographer to be able to complete the shooting quickly and accurately. It is very important to grasp the lighting of the scene and the experience of timely guidance. It is very helpful to shoot the spot in advance. The composition of the group should be as simple as possible to highlight the couple, so that the bride will exude a completely different charm and record their happiness and joy.

3rd Mar 2018

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