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​How to shoot unique wedding photos


How to shoot unique wedding photos

A growing number of new people choose to take wedding photos on the high street, different streets, buildings and different wedding dresses. There are modern, flowery, and colorful. In contrast to the rural landscape, the new people are more likely to see the theme as more of an intersection with city life.

Simplicity is fashion, because the tone of the scene is dominated by the color of the curd, the building structure is diversified. So the costume of the character is to be given priority to with contracted fashion, light color. The design of white gauze is pure and fresh nature, the light green in the waist, have the effect that decorates the figure, played the role of the painting dragon spot on the color of the whole picture. Men's clothing collocation also is in black and white color is given priority to, fashionable Korean grips on the edge of white with white belt, the feeling of the person gives on the vision is very harmonious, and with the echo of quietly elegant of wedding dress. To highlight the romantic theme, the scene chooses the peony garden, a cultural and creative garden full of art. The use of wide-angle lenses can make the whole scene more atmospheric and visually striking. Because the Angle of the scene different 85mm fixed focus can be very good the background of the background, widen the depth of field, better highlight the main body and the person's emotion. This set of sample time is about 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, the soft spot light and a reflector light, this can make the whole picture appear clean and rich administrative levels feels. Plate on the post-processing as much as possible to retain the original color, only reduce some saturation, in the dark department added some violet, make the image more have administrative levels feeling, light and dark details of transition, make the picture more fully expressed the Tuscan afternoon sun by showing a warm happiness.

How to shoot unique wedding photos

Now the most common thing in the market is the color rich, a variety of different kinds of pictures, it is not surprising to see more. More customers will pursue a fresh, natural feel, a real state of the two. Contracted wedding dress, pure and fresh and elegant makeup face, simple sense is clear, highlight female the temperament of feminine and beautiful youth. We use yellow as the key, create the feeling of romantic warmth in the evening. Use backlight to create the illusion of a dream, and then draw the edge of the person with the backlight, making the characters and costumes more layered. The nature is given priority to, a little purple filter makes the picture increases the illusion feeling, raise the sharpness of the person and dress to make the dress more qualitative. Adding a little bit of bubble material makes the whole feel more dreamy and youthful.

Use the foreground to build the scene atmosphere; make the picture looks more stereo and dimensional sense. The exterior shot the light is heavy in nature, downy. When choosing ambient light, be careful not to choose the environment with too much light. Be aware of the mood of the scene and the emotion of the person. Be aware of the distraction of the person's attention.

The background color is more vivid and messy, can use the lens of long focal lens to make the background. Use the foreground to increase the dimensional feeling of the picture, notice foreground want to match with the background, echo, coordinate. Try to avoid too much background and the heavy color. I use the two pieces of reflector, a used to facial fill light, and another piece of the outline of the outline of model, separated from the background; increase the feeling of space and perspective of the picture.