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How to take photos for pregnant women


How to take photos for pregnant women

1, the ground point

The first step is to choose a location where the location must be comfortable and natural for the future mothers. Will tell from the comfort and privacy, people tend to choose in the home, your home is the best, of course, some people choose the professional studio, for some people outside, of course, is also a good choice. I personally prefer to shoot with natural light, so I prefer to shoot outside unless there is a skylight in the customer's room, the light is good or the weather is bad. But there is a potential problem with outdoor photography, which is that future moms may not be used to the sight of passers-by and feel unnatural. Some people may not care, but some people don't care if they don't get pregnant.

2, feeling

A woman gave birth to a life will redefine the acceptance of her body, only from this level to understand the feelings of the future mothers can take a picture perfect, most of the time, you need to experience from the future mothers manners they exposed themselves to the sensitive degree of a certain part.

Once I took pictures for a second child's mother, her belly gravid grain to care much about, but only when shooting her proposed that, the outdoor photography, the light is downy warmth, very suitable for shooting full abdomen image, before filming, she also agreed to take, but by the actual time she still care much about, when pedestrians within 10 meters away, he take the clothes to cover the abdomen, such as pedestrians in the past to shoot. This usually causes the filming to be suspended several times, affecting the consistency of the shot.

How to take photos for pregnant women

If your client want to bare a little more, or in a more intimate environment, allow them to wear some more transparent maternity clothes, or child his dad's shirt, unlock the buttons below, or some pure color clothes around the abdomen, and will look very elegant.

3, Bright spot

A good photographer knows how to highlight the best side of a photographer. If the subject is a future mother, it should be considered how to make her abdomen more beautiful, not just a pregnant woman. Different Angle shot abdomen will have a different perspective, from the top down pat will highlight pregnant women face and highlight the outline of the abdomen, and cover the abdomen below the wrinkle, from down to up will highlight the volume of the abdomen, for many mothers are useful in particular, a smaller and lower abdomen.

4, Opportunity

Mother photos best for the future are the obvious choice in their belly shape, such as seven to eight months pregnant, but you don't choose the fast, such as at the time of nine months, this time you may encounter a pregnant woman is premature. If the mom is the first child, it's best to choose eight months, if not, for seven months.

In seven or eight months of another reason is that state is pretty good at this time of the mothers, say so at the end of the day is also one of the most important problem, that is to catch one of the best mothers.

How to take photos for pregnant women art

5, Beautiful

I think for the future mothers photography in the process of the most important thing is to let them from the inside out reflects the happiness and beautiful, she is in a life, life will soon sweet sleeping in her arms, should let them know how great they are, gave birth to a life is a how wonderful things, when mothers and their future baby exchange, they would forget watching around eyes and a part of the body is not very perfect. Most of the time, I will let the future mothers closed his eyes, put his hand on the future of the baby, to feel their heartbeat, when mothers corners of the mouth to the best of the feeling of quiet happiness from her brow and this is one of the most shooting should capture the perfect moment.