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​How to take pictures of the characters


How to take pictures of the characters

Photographing people is capturing the nature of the characters, their stories, their lives and the emotions they embody in their photographs. We meet countless faces every day, but some of them have a special expression that is deeply embedded in our minds, which we will never forget. So, what causes their unique faces, which reverberate in our subconscious, and make us feel so memorable and strong?

I think the answer to the question relates to a person's inner condition, which is shown in the picture as a positive or negative emotion. To find the answer, we also need to look for physical properties. In this article, I offer some valuable insights into the soul of the portrait.

Communication is the first step

The first step in the whole shoot is to let the mood of the model relax before taking the camera. Especially in portrait photography, communication is very important. Without the trust of the model, it is hard to reveal his true personality. In addition to the optimism, the photographer has to show manners and professionalism to convince the model that their own beauty can truly be revealed. It can also compliment the model's attractiveness and attractiveness. Reduce their shyness and let confidence radiate from within. At this stage, all we have to do is break through the hearts and minds of strangers, and let the personality and mood really show up. This requires a lot of skill beyond photography.

For a portrait, the mood of the model is key. The body is not as important as the mood. To show your model's emotions, you need to be patient and try again. The photographer itself is like a film director who knows what is attractive and guides the desired effect and gives the best picture.

Make sure that everything we do is not going to go against "the respect we deserve for the model". Is a vital element of portrait photography, release model, to find and adhere to the model of specific emotions, need a photographer's initiative and communicate with the early stage of the model fully.

How to take pictures of the characters

Select the lighting and environment in advance

The location of the photo, the stunning lighting effect, the details of the model's environment... These play an important role in expressing the character and the inner condition of the portrait. Where do you want your model to be? How does the light hitting them be harsh, or do they need to be dimmed? All of these factors that influence aesthetics in photography are worthy of our attention because it directly describes the story of the model.

The fascinating light effect makes us want to go further and deeper into the minds of the people in front of us. The filming environment may be in an open lawn, or a narrow dark room. These two extreme environments are helpful for people with emotional portraits. They bring many different feelings to the viewer, and these feelings will be transformed into the emotions of the characters.

Attempt to photograph the silent theme style portraits

Will happen at the end of the story, but a classic photo never able to bear or endure look, they may be just one moment, but the stare, in which information is more and more. What is the impact of this moment of portrait photography? It's a photo, after all, but it's so magical. I like the work of the silent theme, because of that fascinating moment, the most inspiring of my imagination. Only a quarter of what I feel is from the photograph itself, and the rest is endless imagination!

How do you make a picture of yourself?

The quiet style may be just something I love, but it really frees up our emotions. Apart from the smile and the cry, the force of silence will be revealed. There may be an unspeakable expression on the face, but it is a real picture of what's going on inside. So why not shoot at peace? The beauty of a person is not just in the smile. Be quiet and be quiet. Here, only you and the person in front of you. Everything is ready and the mind is calm. Press the shutter and you can get the emotional portrait.