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​Pet photography tips


Pet photography tips

Pictures of pet is not an easy thing, they will not set the pose in front of your camera darling, also won't have what lens flu, instead they pattering about always, but the home has love dandle, we want to capture their lovely figure, the following nine pet photography skill will help you to deal with some small problems in the filming, and gain more professional pet photography.

Use natural light

Using natural light as much as possible, the flash is not only easy to make red eyes, but also easy to frighten pets, so choose the environment with bright natural lighting, outdoor or bright Windows.

Keep your eyes sharp

The eyes are the window to the soul, tend to focus on the eyes on the portrait photography, pet photography, too, pet innocence innocent eyes bright and lovely, disclosing sometimes naughty, sometimes lazy, as long as the capture pets but wonderful eyes will achieve a good pet photography. So, focus on your pet's eyes, one is not to focus, the second is to use the shallow depth to simplify the background, which is better if you have the right reflection in your eyes.

Approach them

Don't force them to pose, for example, squat down and open your mouth and look at you. Choose an environment where your pet feels comfortable and relaxed, and actively let the camera follow them. Good level of a method is taken, we know that the pet was watching us from down to up, we will also customary Angle, if on the other hand, let the camera and the level of their gaze direction consistent, the perspective of them see the world in the film they would be very special. It can also be taken while they are lying on the floor or lying on your stomach.

Pet photography tips

Show their personality

If your pet is a lazy cat, he yawned, if your pet is lively and active, then pat more when he is good at sports, or he often naughty tricks. Showing a distinctive personality is key to pet photography's success.

A close-up

If you use a telephoto lens to make your pet's face or body occupy the whole picture, it will be very realistic and will reveal a bit of humanity.

Get their attention

Animals is very difficult to let them keep good pose, there is a small method is in the process of them play call their names or whistle to attract their attention, this method not only can catch to their surprised expression, also can capture their vigilance.

The choice of time for shooting

You if you want to take a more formal pet portraits, you can be in pet a little sleepy and just woke up to action, if it is an energetic pet photo, will be taken in their energetic condition, obviously is not suitable for taking pictures when they're sick.

Be patient

No matter how excited your friend is, you must be patient enough to catch him and catch him relaxing.

These simple tips can't generalize about pet photography in the first place, but it's more important to explore it slowly while filming. Constant accumulation of shooting experience, much more, natural and natural.