Record your family trip

Record your family trip

We all have plenty of opportunities to take our kids out, canvas picture prints whether it's long distance or short distance, and it's always nice to see the world with them. So how can we better record the parent-child travel and take a good picture of our children? Not as good as fruit tea, Joe or a small empty wait for a group of travel to the United States mom can go to a lot of places, flowers here dad teach fish to swim, probably about their own experience.

Pack light and be prepared

Before traveling, make an estimate of your trip and possible scenes, photos on canvas and choose the equipment suitable for you. Traveling will not become less wonderful because of missing wide-angle scenery or recording a rare bird. Besides the beauty of the world, any equipment is likely to record a wonderful moment.

It's more important to have your camera with you at all times than it is to have all the right equipment, because you never know what you're going to encounter. You see, even if you don't have a chance to choose the most suitable equipment, you can still record a wonderful moment, right? Of course, panoramic prints australia the premise is that at that moment, there is a camera to record. Of course, if you happen not to have a camera, you have a cell phone.

Don't forget to film the boring journey

It goes without saying that traveling by train, by plane, or by large passenger, the journey is often tedious. However, if we observe carefully, we can always pick up some precious moments, which make the boring journey more colorful.

Step back, bring more environment and more subjects

What photos bring back more memories? Family interactions, smiling faces of children, pictures with context and stories carry far more information than those with soft, sugar-water heads, so that when you look back on your trip, more memories come to mind.

Look for interesting lines and natural frames

An interesting road, two rows of special shrubs, flowers, rocks and buildings, make the picture three-dimensional. People are in the scenery instead of changing the background cloth. All you need is to find the special lines and frames in life.

Or if you have the opportunity to use large blocks of background color as a canvas to practice the principle that photography is the art of subtraction, it will also make the picture vivid. In fact, since most of the places you visit are in remote areas, you will find many opportunities.

Shadow is more important than aperture

Everyone loves that big halo of water, but you don't want it to be a city or a beach that you can't remember. Flexible use of aperture, rather than blindly open wide aperture, can show the difference in travel.

In fact, light is much more important than aperture. Even if there's no way to catch a gorgeous sunset or other prime time photo shoot during your trip, keep an eye out for it and you'll always see lots of interesting lights and shadows. Never give up on the quest for light. Take a camera and record the magical moment from a different Angle.

Record your family trip

The pose is just as important as the snap, and don't forget to add a unique element

scissors is a part of life. Don't snap just for the sake of it, the souvenir photo is a very meaningful part of the journey. Don't forget to add the little things that make your journey unique. These little details will make your travel portrait unique. Specialty, architecture, signage, can be used as a good decorative picture of small elements.

A view of one’s back can also be used to tell stories

During the journey, you will find many opportunities to take pictures of various small backs. Hold your breath and don't forget the above mentioned techniques, such as closing the aperture, taking the environment, paying attention to the light, looking for lines and so on. You may find that such a small back is worth your trip.

Finally, shoot more, and more

Yes, take more pictures, take more pictures, don't feel bad about your shutter, don't be afraid to have no time to organize, you can delete repeated, missed you have no chance to do it again.

13th Mar 2019

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