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​Shooting techniques for different environments


Shooting techniques for different environments

Night shoot

The night view mainly refers to the outdoor lighting or scenes of natural light in the night, and the lighting, fire, moonlight, neon lights and street cars are the main light sources.

During the shooting, the night atmosphere should be kept at first, the authenticity of the lighting should be maintained, and the attachment of the tripod and shutter cable should be used, which can be exposed in one or more times. When you take a clear view of the scene, you should have a small aperture, and the shutter will be placed on the B door or the T door, which will be exposed according to the light and shade of the light.

3. Choose a different white balance, which will directly affect the tone of the photograph and the artistic conception. In general, do not choose the automatic white balance, which will affect the color of the light, making it lose the unique color temperature sensation. In order to highlight the colorful lights, you can set the white balance into "sunlight" or "outdoor" mode. Of course, this is not absolute, you can try to shoot with different white balance and choose adjustment later.

4. The film can be used in daylight type, and can be used for more sensitive films, such as ISO50, ISO64, ISO100, etc. Low sensitivity of film, exposure time can be longer, the particles of the film will be finer. The beauty of the night is perfect.

The rain scenery photography

Rainy days are the least favorite weather for the photographer, whether it's raining or raining, few people take the camera outside to shoot scenes, and even some people think it's impossible to shoot the scenery at all.

As you know, you can take pictures with light. We can shoot night scenes in the evening, we can shoot the rain in the daytime, and we can shoot the dynamic rain scene, which are the rainy night and the right to shoot the rain. The scenery of the rainy day also has its unique emotional appeal, and the rainy day is also the situation that people in the life must have. In order to reflect more life scene, rich scenery content, and rain scenery is also our indispensable shooting subject.

When photographing the rain, in order to show the rain in the rain, in addition to the heavy rain, you must also have a darker hue against the background. If the background of the rain is in the sky, then the rainy sky must be a thick white cloud, even if the rain is very large, because the background and the rain bar are white and not visible. The more closely the background, the more obvious the rain bar, the further the background, the scene must be large, and the rain bar will not be clearly visible. Therefore, the scenery of the scene should not be too large, and the white sky should be avoided for the majority of the image, but the effect of the rain bars in the scenery.

Shooting techniques for different environments

When it rains, the brightness of the scene is generally weak. Therefore, typically during the filming of a rain shower with the larger aperture and slower shutter speed, makes the rain scene there is enough light to show haven't landing rain of landscape space and can grasp the dynamic in the rain, should stand in a higher position. 1/60 shutter speed is commonly used in filming the rain scene, you can show it in the space of the rain, if you use a shutter speed of rain shower space shooting becomes shorter, use a slower shutter speed can get a long rain scene, then the dynamic scene may be not enough clear.

In the light rain, shooting scenery, because the light rain in the scenery is not enough to show, so it can not show rain bars. However, using the drizzle in the woods or mountains taken deep tonal layer, because of no sunlight in the scene is Shenzhen color object, drizzle in the dark would like fog layer between the objects, showing far Tianjin deep tonal. If the range of scenery is not very large, the light of the object in the near place can be illuminated, and it can also show the rain like rain in the scenery.

When photographing the rain, the following points should be noted:

1. The light varies greatly from rainy days to rainy days, and the brightness of rain clouds is very low, and the exposure between the two can be many times different. Therefore, it is best to use photometric table to measure light.

2. In rainy days, there is often a lot of exposure to exposure, and overexposure is extremely detrimental to the performance of rain scenes. Because the contrast between the rains is small and the exposure is too much to make the contrast smaller, the picture looks gray. Therefore, it is generally used to reduce the exposure and prolong the development of the development, to improve the contrast situation. Can be reduced by the normal amount of exposure to a block of half, every decrease a block, can increase the development time of 20%- 30%, which can help to improve the picture contrast.

3. Do not take the sky as the background when shooting the rain, but choose the dark background so as to foil the bright rain. If there is water in the picture, whether it is the water in the river or the water in the street, the raindrops fall on the surface of the water and ripples on the water, which also help the performance of the rain.

4. The rain does not fall vertically to the ground; usually choose rain to make 45? The direction is appropriate. The shutter speed is not too high, because the high speed will condense the rain, forming small dots, without the feeling of rain. If the shutter speed is too slow, the rain will pull in and the effect will be bad. The speed of the shutter speed is not high, so you can emphasize the feeling of the rain falling.

When shooting the rain, pay attention to the distance between the lens and the raindrop. As the rain drops close to the camera, a small raindrop will cover the distance. Of course, this special effect is sometimes intended. Pay attention to the camera not to be caught in the rain, or to make the lens splash the raindrops. Generally available umbrellas cover or place the camera in a plastic bag, exposing the lens and the viewing area.

6. In the room, if you want to look through the window, you can apply a thin layer of oil on the outdoor window. In this way, the beads are easily hung on the glass to render the atmosphere of the rain.

7. When shooting the rain scenes with color films, the photos will show a clear blue color tone when using the sunlight, because of the high color temperature of the rainy day. This bias is not to be corrected because orchid can render the cold weather of a rainy day.

8. When shooting a rainy night, the reflection of the light and reflections on the surface of the ground will make the picture very vivid. In particular, when filming with color film, the color effect of the rainy night scene is more abundant than the typical night scene.

Shooting techniques for different environments1

Sunrise and sunset

Shoot the sunrise and sunset, first to grasp the timing of the rise of the sun, and the specific location, different seasons have different time and location. When the sun rises completely, the light goes from red to white, and the original atmosphere of light disappears. So shoot the sunrise and sunset by pressing the shutter when the sun rises or is about to fall to the ridge (sea level).

In the picture frame, the photographer should place the sun in the upper right or upper right corner of the frame. Beginner photographers avoid by all means will be the sun in the center of the picture, or the entire screen only a single the close-up, photographers as tourists, with 100-300 - mm focal length, no prospects or color foils of sunrise and sunset sky scenery, just as there is no point only as a back-up data (photography people commonly known as "yellow").

Just from the sun rose above the horizon and the sun in the sun, on the ground have certain sunrise or sunset covered the sun light scattering, but no show round light scattering round the sun, this is shoot sunrise or sunset. When the sun rises or just falls, the sky on the horizon will often have some backlight colored clouds, and we can wait until the sun clouds without the light scattering to shoot the sunrise or sunset view. In this way, the sun can not only avoid the sun scattering, but also can make the sky part of the scenery not only the lonely sun.

When the sun is just out or about to fall against the mountain, there is no reflection of water between the mountain layers, and it is completely contrasted with the dark sky with the sun. Therefore, it is only possible to make the sky and the mountains more balanced by shooting the sunrise or sunset over the mountains, only when the clouds cover part of the sun or magnify the exposure of the sky.

There are no clouds in the sky when the sun rises or falls. In order to avoid the excessive monotony of the sky, some relatively sparse leaves and branches are used as the foreground of the empty sky part to help the balance of the landscape structure. But too much or too much of the foliage will cover much of the sky and affect the balance of the picture.

There is not much difference between the image and tone of the sun. Sunrise or sunset, if you want to come up from photos difference shall be enforced by the scene and tone to the difference, because the horizon of the sky in the morning is more clear, generally occurs when the sun rises quickly spread the light output. The sky is generally cloudy at dusk, and the sun is not scattered when the horizon is far away. From the tone to distinguish, in the morning sky tone is red with yellow and dusk tonal belt magenta.

As a result, when the sun rises above the horizon, the sun should be shot immediately and can't be missed. The sunset can begin without the light scattering, until it's time to take a leisurely shot.

Building shooting

Taken the main purpose of the building is to show the designer on the scale of construction, shape the design of the structure is very successful, reflect the architectural style of the period. How to take good building, photographers have to use a variety of means to express the object.

1. Buildings, because now in the period of construction is given priority to with high-level, me tope used in glass, to show the structure of the luxurious air, generally use more professional camera, camera and film can make the adjustment of the angles between plane, according to the film to building does not have a large deformation.

2. The facade lighting of the buildings receives the average illumination, the light is flat and weak, and lacks the three-dimensional sense. The backlight can go to the sunlight, cannot show the part of the building is stronger than vivid stereo, and so it is generally appropriate to shoot in the morning.