​Show the most beautiful starry sky

Show the most beautiful starry sky

January 2014, hubei free landscape photographers Wang Yuanzong film called stars Tibet time-lapse photography, frenzy by numerous net friend, he also became a minor celebrity in the network.

Wang yuanzong, a 23-year-old graduate from hankou College of Central China Normal University, majored in animation design. In fact, he was only a new photographer, and he began to learn photography in early 2012. Once, on the recommendation of the roommate, Wang Yuanzong watched an American photographer time-lapse movie called "The scenery of time", the film shows the magic of nature and beauty made him extremely shocked. Not only did he like the film, he also was developing a keen interest in time-lapse photography.

The so-called time-lapse photography is to adopt a picture or video at a lower frame rate, and then use normal or faster rate to play the cinematography. In a period of time-lapse photography video, the process of gradual change of objects or objects is compressed into a shorter time, which can present a strange sight unseen by the naked eye.

Show the most beautiful starry sky

Wang, who likes the stars, hopes to use the technology to show the most beautiful stars in the audience. Because the challenge is not too far from Wuhan, and there are not many light sources in the starry night there, Wang yuanzong set the place as the location for the first time-lapse photography. He bought an entry level SLR camera with the money he had saved during college, and then went to synagogue on the qingming Festival.

On the night of the stunningly, Wang was enthralled with the breathtaking images. Three nights, he took 5,000 photographs. When he got home, Mr. Wang edited it into a time-lapse video called Scientology, which was posted online. The short film is popular with netizens and he has gained confidence and is committed to continue on the path of time-lapse photography.

Tibet is known as "the closest place to heaven", in order to capture the more beautiful scenery, in early 2013, Wang yuanzong came to Tibet alone. This sacred and beautiful, spotless, picturesque, he intoxicated, use camera to catch the sky, the sea of clouds, snowy peaks, lakes and other poetic scenery, and yak, vultures and other energetic animals. A month later, in an effort to improve efficiency, Wang borrowed money from his family and friends to buy a second-hand suit. After that, where the scenery was lovely, he drove to where.

The shooting process was full of great challenges, which tested wang yuanzong's perseverance and courage:

To catch the sunset, Wang went to the top of the mountain with his camera tracks, a tripod, a laptop and four cameras. While filming the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas, in order to keep the car straight uniform don't interrupt, he stepped on the clutch, the brake and accelerator, 340 times to make sure the camera firmly took 340 photographs, taken after the feet are frozen; Once late at night, for the sake of shooting stars, more than 4000 meters above sea level in a small hotel on the roof, he was wearing two coats, with two quilts, 20 ℃ below zero "monitor" in the environment of the camera.

In sheep meadow on the starry sky, Wang Yuanzong suddenly found that there are many green light not far away, he realized that he met the Wolf, quickly jumped onto, the door locked, a pack of wolves approached, grilled feet on the window to see, his heart mentioned throat, the wolves helpless, walks away. In the ancient fault, in order to shoot the sunrise, he sometime just drove to the lake 6 in the morning, because the ground is frozen, he didn't realize he parked in the swamp, till the end of filming at nine o 'clock found that car has already started to sag. He hastily opened the four drives of the car and drove out of the area as hard as he could.

Show the most beautiful starry sky1

Over the course of more than 10 months, Wang yuanzong traveled around Tibet and took 100,000 photos. When he got back, he spent nearly a month making a time-lapse video of the 100,000 photos.

On January 1, 2014, Wang Yuanzong upload stars Tibet to weibo, caused the crazy forward and comment on: "pure delay documentary photography" "scalp pins and needles" beautiful "shock" scenery "for the first time wants to cry"... Netizens marveled at Wang's masterpiece. Wang yuanzong was reported by various media at home and abroad, and many film and pictures companies were looking for him to cooperate. In the future, he will go to the north and south poles.

Wang Yuanzong in an interview with the media, said: "the youth is to do, the most make me happy is not the stars Tibet how big hits, or by how many media interviews, but I gained encountered difficulties in filming the beauty and the experiences of risk, in my opinion, the site of some of the unforgettable memories is the most beautiful scenery!"

20th Jan 2018

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