Take outdoor children's photography

Take outdoor children's photography

Take outdoor children's photography

Make good use of touch shooting.

When it comes to shooting child's most common problem, canvas prints is the active nature and energy, which makes it difficult for the new parents to take a clear picture. In fact, if your site is the outdoor environment in the daytime, most of the problem is that the player when choosing to focus, excellent shooting opportunity has been quietly miss, if you believe that the camera's autofocus, and often can't make sure the camera to focus, to choose whether we want to focus. EOS 100 d has a touch screen and the latest Hybrid CMOS AF II, just click on the lower left corner of screen "light touch the shutter" icon, you can open this feature, photo canvas prints this time as long as the click of a child eyes part of the screen, you can directly to focus and finish filming, intuition is the most simple way.

The use of continuous focus

If you want to capture, catch, run, jump, and touch each active moment more accurately, you need to use the continuous autofocus function. Touch shutter, although can shorten the time of we move the focus problem in your response whether can timely grasp accurate shooting time, and in the outdoor environment, because all round the lighter and screen luminance affect our view of precision. So we can drive mode to continuous shooting first, and then set for continuous af mode, when shooting can take yourself the ideal composition, first to the child running, just press the shutter, and as the child move running direction and speed, can easily take a child's dynamic pictures. In addition, the Live View of EOS 100D has the choice of the focus mode of face detection and tracking, which is also a great tool for capturing the dynamic of the child. Readers should not forget to use it well.

How to make baby tender skin?

Usually when we take pictures, can let the exposure in normal metering of EV = 0, but the indoor environment, there is no light or light conditions, the skin may appear relatively dark sheen lack luster, unable to show the young children's delicate skin. At this time, we can use the exposure compensation function, appropriately adjust the EV value, can greatly improve such problems. However, if you are shooting indoors, it is best to synchronize the brightness of the sensor, so as not to cause the shutter speed to be too slow and to produce unnecessary blurred images.

How to do if the indoor environment low light?

Indoor light is generally not sufficient, and flashing lights are not suitable for infants and young children under 6 months, so I want to take good photos indoors, the most basic way is to find a bright corner, natural light, especially out of the window on the house is not only the light is soft and smooth, easier to transmit light atmosphere into the picture. If it is in the backlight environment by the window, the match point will be taken for the face of the child, so as long as the exposure compensation is slightly increased, a bright picture can be taken. In indoor shooting, you should pay special attention to whether the shutter speed is enough, or it may cause a hand shock, or the image is blurred because of the child's movement. To avoid this situation, can match with large aperture Gao Gan brightness, and open camera shockproof mechanism, also can consider to change the indoor lighting environment, use desk lamp or other light source for the child to fill light continuously, can help to make clear and bright image.

The way to attract the child's attention.

Child growing up, the outside world all changes, is interesting and worth learning experience, and because of that the exploration of instinct, often when filming because other fresh things happen, and transfer the baby's attention, however, we also can in turn use nature, then use a special sound or bright colours, to attract baby's attention. In addition to making your own voice, you can also record a cartoon or music sound that your baby is interested in, as long as you play it, you can control the baby's expression and direction. At this time, as long as we can grasp the short golden moment, we can shoot good interesting pictures; Colorful toys and bubbles are also good props for the child. If you worry about the lovely expression cannot master the moment, also can use LiveView collocation face detection + tracking mode, as long as the baby face a turn around, you can press the shutter release, can actively help the novice parents clap a baby's cute face.

Take outdoor children's photography

How to prevent the motion blur?

Even open the camera or lens shockproof mechanism will appear the image moving fuzzy, emphasized by the makers of this is because the shockproof function, most is made correction in view of the camera itself to shake, provide picture "condensation" is not aimed at moving objects. So when the body of the indoor shooting dynamic, contoured or recommend the use of great light collocation of the focal lens (e.g., allows, F1.8) camera Gao Gan brightness (ISO 800 or higher) is used, so can effectively increase the shutter speed, at the same time avoid hand shake with the movement of the subject. Flash is more direct and effective way, but it is strongly recommended that avoid flash straight, not only can destroy the atmosphere, for infants and young children will cause harm to the eyes, so it is best to use external flash and jump way lights fill light, there will be a relatively ideal polishing effect.

How do you make a child run?

Now that child can't be quiet, let's run! There are two ways to make a dynamic motion; one is to set the child's motion through a high speed shutter, usually in a bright outdoor environment, with 1/250 of a second or faster. If the light is not enough, that is better than using slow shutter to shoot, shoot as long as the child and be careful to maintain your distance is the same, he in my retreat, he me into, with about 1/30-1/60 shutter speed, fuzzy and maintain child can make background clearly.

How do you make more changeable photos?

Children's expressions are quite rich and unaffected, so their changeful expression is an integral part of the growth record. Even with lovely smile photos very lovable, but see more hard to avoid can let a person feel some drab, so children's growth course, also including their happiness, anger, sadness, joy, and even silence, staring blankly, whimsy... All sorts of expressions to complete enough, such as the growth of these are the true story, so while it will capture all children a variety of interesting expression, to be a child grow up to share, will be a precious memory.

Why do other people take pictures that have a story?

Although child changeful expression, is an indispensable role in recording their growth course, but if you only focus on expression of features, also a little pity, suggested that can interact with the child's things are shooting her, amusement equipment, ice cream, for instance, or a pet... Wait a minute, and then look at the pictures to see if they're there, why they're laughing, why they're funny. Also, don't forget to capture the interaction between the child and the family, and save the warm and happy moments. Must be mentioned here, when shooting will pay attention to the background is too messy, much will depend on a variety of different shooting Angle and position change, acrylic prints to find an optimal composition of a picture, let the child of action to clearly present in the photo.

10th May 2018

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