​Take pictures of your baby

​Take pictures of your baby

Take pictures of your baby

1. Capture the most natural moment by means of snapshot

Children respond differently to the camera at different ages, canvas print but there's usually one thing in common -- they don't look the way you want them to. Do they really have to look at the camera to get us to press the shutter? Since we want to record their lives, we should capture more of their natural moments. So you can try to capture it, don't mean to call they looked at the lens again, instead of waiting for them at home with her family or playing beside quietly, canvas australia capture their most natural moment, it won't take some photos of some hard or smile far-fetched.

2. Pay attention to the view Angle and grasp the children's vision

Whether a photo is beautiful or not usually has a lot to do with the background. So if the scene is beautiful, we can take in as much background as we can. Standing but many parents are also used to take a picture for children, for children than we also small, we stand will make pictures of the shooting Angle downward sloping, lead to photos most of the background into the ground, a waste of a beautiful background. Therefore, we should try to squat down when shooting, so that the Angle of lens shooting is at the same level as the children's eyes, so as to absorb more background and enrich the background of the picture.

In addition, sometimes we can even squat on the bottom and shoot the camera slightly upward. The picture will feel like a child's view of the adult and the world, and the effect will be unexpectedly good!

3.Attention is not limited to children

If we put the photos on the children, we will ignore the background and surrounding scenery, resulting in the things that should be taken was not taken and those that should not be taken were taken. Therefore, we should take pictures of the surrounding environment of children, around the front and back. For example, if we want to film children playing in Disneyland, we should also take pictures of the background of children. There is a trash can beside the child, so avoid taking pictures of it, so that the pictures can express the story you want to tell and not be too messy.

Take pictures of your baby

4. Pay attention to the theme of the photo

When I practice composition, I often ask myself: what is the purpose of this photo? Should people know what children are doing? And so on questions, clear their own shooting purpose, so that the composition of the photo, depth of field, shutter, finally take the photos they want.

5. Pay attention to the horizontal Angle of the picture

Sometimes new parents pay less attention to the horizontal Angle of the camera and tilt the picture. If we cut the image tilt, especially for composition is understandable, but if we put this kind of habit, each shot also inadvertently skew around the camera is not so good. Ultimately, you have to have a well-composed, balanced picture to make it look good. Surely you don't like the tilt when you're watching TV?

6. Pay attention to the scope of the scene

In order to record the children's every detail, we can use the wide Angle lens to take the whole body photo with the scene, so as to show their interaction with the scene environment. However, when taking full-body photos, more space should be reserved for the children's upper and lower left and right sides. If you even put a small part of your child's body out of the camera, it will give you an unnatural feeling.

In order to enrich the diversity of the whole set of photos, we also need to take some special pictures sometimes, so we need to decide which parts of the child's body should be outside the lens. When shooting, we should avoid cutting children's joints such as elbow, knee and ankle at the edge of the picture.

7. Well - word composition method

When shooting, where should we put the children in the picture? If you're a new parent and you don't have any idea what to do, the most basic graphic technique is a good choice.

If we average cut into 9 portions, central has four interlacing point, on the vision of the four interlacing point in the images of prominent position, so when we see photos, will be the focus of more attention to these places.

8. Pay attention to camera Settings

Children are restless and restless, so when photographing them, they should pay attention to reasonable camera Settings. To take a clear picture, we need to pay attention to the shutter speed. When we shoot with our hand camera, our movements will inevitably vibrate. If the shutter is too slow, it will be easy to take blurry pictures. The longer the focal length of the lens, the more serious the image will be when we shake it, so the focal length has an important relationship with the shutter speed. So how do we determine the shutter value so that the photo doesn't blur? We can determine the shutter speed according to the safe shutter speed.

Please note that the above shutter value is only to ensure that under normal shaking conditions, no blurred photos will be taken on the safe shutter. If you're really shaking a lot, the only thing you can do is increase the shutter speed. For myself, if I didn't use a long focal length, my shutter speed would normally not be less than 1/80s, because it was the most important thing to get a clear image.

In addition to safety outside a fast, and now some lens also equipped with shockproof function, like Nikon VRII optical shock absorption function, based on the motion of the lens to make up for the hand shake, because of the lens mobile space is larger, so the best damping effect. So if we are not able to shoot with a safe shutter due to insufficient exposure, the lens damping function can also help us take a clear picture.

We tend to use big aperture to clap a shallow depth of field for children with photos, but too much aperture to the depth of field is too shallow, if the focus is not accurate or children move too fast, will be easy to make children face fuzzy photos. Therefore, it is better not to open the aperture completely from time to time (such as f/1.4~2), or use wide-angle lens to reduce the depth of field.

9. Multi-purpose continuous shooting mode

Children are lively and active, and some lovely expressions or movements are not captured by clicking the shutter. So sometimes we need to use the connected mode, and press more shutter to capture the perfect moment. When they play, for example, we can through the camera beside the slide viewer has been "tracking" the kid's movements (such as the long focal length lens is better), as far as possible increase the shutter speed, even under the same action in their number of pictures. Returned home from serial fast, just select one of the most can photos of emotions and save, delete and not beautiful, then you won't waste storage space, and cannot miss out on opportunities to capture the perfect picture.

10.Turn toys into props

Key to the success of children, is whether can capture a moment of their most childlike innocence, so in addition to exposure, composition, color and cooperate the elements such as atmosphere, floating frame canvas prints at the end of the day, the most important is how to capture the children every subtle expression and action. When is the right time to capture their beautiful expressions? Of course it's time to play! So we can bring their favorite toys or prepare some small toys for them to shoot while playing.

7th Jun 2018

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