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​The key to child photography grasp the charm and show the child's interest


The key to child photography grasp the charm and show the child's interest

A lot of people have pictures of themselves as a child. Are your photos beautiful? Are your photos still in good condition? For 70, 80 hours of the photos are very few, and the picture quality also is not very good, that time saved to estimate is already very old now, if you feel bad photos of regret, so now we must not allow my children to grow up and leave the regret, we are going to leave picture perfect as far as possible let the child as a child. If the photos to show are new the sweetness and happiness of people, so, according to the essence of children should record the kid's childhood and child’s interest.

What are the characteristics of a child? They love to laugh, and small things can make them happy. They like to imitate adults, and they are curious about their mother's high heels. They were willing to sit in the supermarket's shopping. They like to think that the spring brings candy to the fields, and in the fall they can harvest lots and lots of sweets. They like playing games with shadows on the wall; they reflected the sun in the mirror and took it. When there was no one at home, they looked at themselves in the mirror, singing, dancing, talking to them...

The key to child photography grasp the charm and show the child's interest

The baby's tiny feet stand on the keys of the piano, and the image appears to have a sense of general effect, allowing the person to "see" the sound. Child’s interest has different performances at different stages. Such as one hundred days of the baby is very easy to fall asleep, their position is a beautiful "scenery line" not to be missed, a photographer for a silent language to show this picture; The three year old has already begun to make mischief and love to sing and dance. Some of the children who grow up are gradually returning to quiet and sometimes "thinking" like an adult.

The baby, in the form of a swan, features a close-up of the face with a large eye and a round face. In ancient poetry, child’s interest is often as a poet's material, performance or innocent and carefree "the most happy, my rogue peel creek end of lotus", or performance frolicking naughty "end of school children to return early. The poet has a keen grasp of the characteristics of his childhood and writes the famous poems. In children's photography, photographers also to grasp the connotation of childhood, at the same time, gives the connotation in the language of photography, the child’s interest into different elements and performance in the picture.