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​The seaside wedding dress portrait skills


The seaside wedding dress portrait skills

First, true communication

This is the way I like, I can use a heartfelt praise to communicate with them, to communicate with them while filming, puts forward some problems in the (interactive) is to guide them to their, feeling of love, moved to each other, to enjoy the love, so I can capture the feeling of photos, the collocation of color, of course, lighting, and props and screen line before filming are prepared.

Second, pursue simple images

Of fashion dress pictures, I like simple, clean, and highlight the line feeling, like to recommend some models, some of the state, some expressions, are confident, supercilious. So I'm going to make it a little bit clearer and clearer, and I'm going to use some props to express my mind. Pictures of pure white balloon and the blue sky white clouds are expressed in simple love, don't have to you can go to express, don't let your hands bound by machine, be sure to use a sincere heart to photograph the most natural happiness.

Third, experience tips

Please try to get more and more pictures and try to be practical.

The seaside wedding dress portrait skills

Don't focus on the model herself.

Use natural light conditions, such as large, reflective buildings, window light, high Angle using sky light, etc.

Use the colors of nature, lines and models.

How to find more inspiration

Read quotes

I remember the book's quotes about photography that have encouraged me to move forward

Photos can be soothing, release the charm, photos can also disrupt the mood, questioning, pictures can also provoke anger, inciting sentiment, so a good picture, is to show the photographer himself behind the camera. I think it's about character!

Sensitive heart

Good work it has novelty, the amount of information, culture, aesthetic pleasure, composition, impact, stimulation, the romantic feelings, emotions. I can keep saying things like that, and I'm willing to try. That's the essence of what I like. So the photographer should be able to keep a sensitive heart on the constant change.