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​Three Tips for documentary photography


Three Tips for documentary photography

1. Carry a camera, do not miss any opportunity to shoot.

We found that there are a lot of non-fiction success lies not in how photography, but that can record in time. But it is just that has a lot of people don't do it. : think carefully, in fact, this situation is very common in the street when we see a worthy of recorded images, only to find that you don't have to carry the SLR camera. Although we can still use their phones to take these pictures, but the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, to carry with you when you're on the good habit of SLR is a very important.

2. Show different cultural or reflect the social phenomenon

Excellent documentary photography works must have depth. Through it, can reflect the cultural atmosphere, let the audience understand the different regions, different culture, and different life state. Or can show social phenomenon, cause people's thinking. It's like any form of artistic creation, the most excellent works of literature and art must not only stay on the surface of the glamorous, but more profound connotation.

Records of different cultures can improve vision. We often used to live with them, but never thought to what others are doing in the world, what in their environment. And reflect the content of the work can make us suddenly realize: originally there was a group of people in the world, they have this way of life and culture! And these tend to be very interesting for us.

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And reflect the social phenomenon refers to the side by the works reflect the social hot spots: people are concerned about what problem, what is the state of their life, why is like this, Prompted us to think about it.

3. Highlight the elements of images that can be touched by people

Good themes and subjects, documentary photography works must be clean and simple. Should be highlighted, in other words, to impress people in the picture or special parts, and other content are not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.

4. Use "continuous shooting" increases the chances of success

Because of the wonderful moments are often ephemeral, because this is in, during the filming of a documentary works it is recommended to use the camera to shoot function, at the same time using artificial intelligent servo af mode to hunt again. Especially when there is a movement of people or objects, coke is very important. Because, if you use a single focus, probably in the process of filming displacement has taken place in your subject, so you can create virtual situation. 

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