Use 5 camera functions correctly

Use 5 camera functions correctly

When we shoot with a camera, canvas prints we must first understand the use of various functions of the camera in our hands. If you are not familiar with the functions of the camera, it is easy to cause errors. In this lesson, I will show you how to use these 5 common features of the camera. I hope you can understand and use these functions correctly.

1. Use of exposure compensation

Exposure compensation is a good way to intervene when the camera's automatic metering error occurs. It adjusts the brightness and darkness of the image. When we adjust the exposure compensation in the direction of the "+" sign, the captured image will brighten. When the exposure compensation is adjusted in the direction of the "-" sign, the image taken will be darkened.

Exposure compensation is based on the principle of white plus black minus. For example, when we are shooting a snow scene, cheap canvas prints online we need to increase the exposure compensation by one or two notches, so that the snow we are shooting is white, rather than grey. When shooting something like a black coal pile, you need to lower the exposure compensation by a notch or two to make the coal pile jayish rather than grayish.

2. Use of white balance

Normally, we will set the white balance to automatic. Shooting works fine in most cases, but it can cause chromatic aberration in certain lighting conditions. Therefore, it is sometimes best to set the white balance manually. We generally recommend setting the white balance to 5200K on sunny days. On cloudy days, set the white balance to 7000K. For indoor incandescent lighting, set the white balance to 3200K. If the room is fluorescent, set the white balance to 4000K. Of course, beach prints australia we don't have to set the white balance exactly as suggested, we can adjust the K value according to the warm and cold atmosphere of the scene. If you want a warm color, increase the value of K, and if you want a cool color, decrease the value of K.

3. The use of autofocus

Usually, we set the focus mode to Auto, which makes shooting easier and reduces the amount of work. But, in some scenarios, automatic focus is not so easy to use, for example, when we focus on similar color, or the weak light of the object under the environment of af, can make the camera appear "bellow", is af motor can't find my focus has been scaling back and forth, in this case, we need to use manual focus for manual focus.

Use 5 camera functions correctly

4. Use of shutter

Shutter includes three aspects: high speed shutter, slow shutter and safety shutter.

(1) high speed shutter: for example, 1/500s, 1/1000s, 1/2000s and other shutter speed belongs to high speed shutter, can make the object in motion solidification freeze. Due to the very short exposure times, except in well-lit environments, it is usually necessary to use a large aperture or increase the ISO to ensure the exposure and ensure the success of the shot.

② Slow shutter: 10s, 1s, 1/2s and other shutter speeds belong to slow shutter. Slow shutter shooting requires attention to anti-shake, so a tripod is needed. Slow shutter speeds are often used for creative shots, such as slow water flow, slow moving cars, starry sky tracks and other subjects.

(3) safety shutter: usually we use handheld camera shooting, also involved in the concept of a safety shutter, handheld shooting, can not reduce the shutter speed unlimited, do not exceed the safety shutter value, otherwise even if you have a copper shoulder iron arm can not stop the fuzzy ending of the photo. So what is a safety shutter? The safety shutter is the reciprocal of the focal length. For example, the focal length is 100mm, and the shutter speed should not be less than 1/100th of a second.

5. Use of sensitivity

Sensitivity is also known as ISO. It is the least adjusted parameter of the three elements of photography. Usually, the sensitivity is adjusted only after the aperture and shutter have no room to adjust. Why is that? Because of the increased sensitivity, although it can increase the amount of exposure, it will also increase the generation of noise, which will have a very negative impact on the image quality. So, large cheap canvas prints as long as the light is good, we usually set the sensitivity to the lowest possible value.

23rd Feb 2021

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